What music service do you use?

A friendly reminder: if you get your songs through less-than-legal means, I’m not here to tell you to stop, but please don’t post about it or other similarly-nefarious whatnot on Strats.

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I use Amazon Music, especially since they started doing autorip (Buy a physical album and they automatically add the mp3 files to your cloud storage (no DRM)). I manage them in iTunes, but sometimes stream from my phone when lacking anything else.

Google music,

I use google rewards and periodically get short surveys sent to me by google that gives me google play credits so I haven’t had to pay for music for a while. Works pretty good.

I use Pandora for most of my personal music needs. When it’s time to stream I use NoCopyrightSounds Twitch page or Monstercat’s Twitch page. Monstercat has a bot you can invite that will provide information every time a new song starts to play in your chat.

edit: Apparently NCS now has a bot you can invite as well.

Spotify, I dont use Apple products and in germany the most music services restricted due to law and stuff.

And I can use it everywhere where I need it, aka my laptop, pc and smartphone.

I use Google music and love it.

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