What phone should i get?


OK fellow gamers and gamerettes i would like to ask you all to access your data bases and help me dicide which new phone i should get. I have narrowed it down to the iphone 6(or 6+ if they have it) or the new Samsung Galaxy Edge. Both being excellent phones i know, but what seperates one from the other? i have been using an iphone 5 for the past couple of years and im not sure if i love it or i just am so familiar with it i think i love it because i havent tried anything else. The Galaxy looks awesome and has all the bells and whistles but is it as reliable as the iphone 6? im confusing myself looking at so many options…someone heeeeeeeeeeeeelp!!!

in short its my birthday tuesday and i want a new shiny cool kids phone…what do i get?


I’m a bit biased, but I’d say go for the Galaxy, I’ve always loved their phones and never had any problems.


I have had my iPhone 6 for a while and really like it. I have heard good things about the Galaxy S6 but haven’t personality messed with it. I really like iOS because of iMessage and what not.


I have the Samsung galaxy edge. It’s amazing. I got it the day it came out and have nothing but good things to say about it.


I have the Nexus 6. Hands down best phone I’ve had. I’ve never been an iOS guy so probably a bit biased, but I did have an S5 for a while and never enjoyed it. I know the Nexus 6 isn’t on your radar, but if you’re leaning towards the Edge, might be worthwhile taking a peak at the N6.


I am all about the nexus line. Gave my nexus 5 to a relative when I got the nexus 6. Did the same from nexus 7 to 9. Stock android is so awesome, other manufacturer skins just muddle with it. Looking forward to the next version this year.


If you’re going to go Android, get a Nexus. Why buy a carrier-bloated phone?


I like my Moto G, but My needs are minimal. It comes without much bloatware.


Even the nexus can’t escape bloat anymore. Google will check against the sim/service and automagically download the relevant bloat. Annoying, but at least this way you can truly remove them rather than disabling them.


Ah, that’s too bad.


i like the nexus but it doesnt shoot video…at least not in any info i can find…on att’s site it is not marked as a feature of the phone. not a breaking point but it would be nice.


Nexus 6 does 4K video, better than iPhone 6.


Im getting an S5, I need my removable battery and SD card


Is Samsung ditching removable with the s6?


Yes, the s6 battery cant be removed and theres no SD


What bloat are you talking about? I got a brand new Nexus 6, and the only thing it had was a MyBell app, but I bought my direct from Bell. If you buy yours directly from the carrier, then you may be stuck with some mild bloatware, but there was no ‘downloading’ of apps when I first booted my phone up.


It’s true. I bought my Nexus 6 direct from Google and still had AT&T bloatware download when I setup the phone. In addition, when the latest Android version was released my phone did not get updated specifically because of being on AT&T. In fact, I had to reset the phone and go through setup with my SIM removed to get the update.

It’s important to note that in this article AT&T gives you a stock phone, which adds the bloatware based on carrier ID when setting up the phone (as evidence from my experience with a stock phone from Google on AT&T service). I only really know about AT&T doing it, but the fact that Google enabled this kind of feature means other carriers could do the same thing, if they wanted to…

This article explains that AT&T is able to make Google block updates to Nexus 6’s running on their network, supposedly to internally test the build’s effect on their network, the same excuse they give for being several months behind the latest versions on manufacture skinned and carrier branded devices.


thanks guys…i think ive made up my mind…will let you know tomorrow :smile:


OMG I can’t take the suspense!!


Old school is in. Get a RAZR.