What program to use to stream

Ok so i feel like i read some stuff about this somewhere on this forums, and i tried searching but could’t find the info. so i’m used to streaming from the ps4 which is just the touch of a button, when i tried streaming from the comp however, twitch gave me like 6 different programs i could use. My question is, what do you guys use/think is good to use. @Tommy2118 I saw you were on, thoughts?

OBS is pretty good


you got a site for that by any chance?


dont ask me how it works though, lol

Haven’t gotten that far yet, but I know lots of people use it, including Strats members

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OBS is all you ever really need; almost everyone streaming here uses it (and for good reason: it’s fucking top ;)).

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shanks guys, and @PittInjury i think i can figure it out lol. gonna be on my comp playing LoL alot now so figured i’d let people watch my horribleness (actually won my first game back in over a year woohoo).

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Ok so I think I got most of it down. My only question, for now, is how do I set the name of my broadcast? Because it just set it to the last name I had used, which is not what i was playing lol.

You set your broadcast name up via the Twitch dashboard. Mine is http://twitch.tv/tommy2118/dashboard, yours should be the same except with your twitch name. There are other was as well, but this is a good starting point.

Ok yeah I found the dashboard a lil bit ago. Think i got the hang of it for now, at least for when i play league.

As I did with your PC build, I will give you my experience on streaming, and you’re welcome to do with it what you’d like. Anyone else is welcome to add anything I miss.

XSplit - This is what I started with and currently use. It was an easy program to set up, and it’s very much “one click” for just about anything you need. I highly recommend using their forums to get any information you may have more questions on, but it’s about as close to the “Share” button on the PS4 that you’ll get. The free version offers enough functionality to do everything you need, but you’ll get the most if you buy a license (which is pretty inexpensive).

OBS - This is what I’m going to be switching to. It’s much harder to set up out of the box, but once you get the hang of it, the customizability potential is nearly endless. I’ve seen some really crazy set ups, and the community base for support and plug ins are phenomenal. Definitely a little less cut and dry, but you get everything you want for free if you’re willing to put in more time to learning the ins and outs of streaming.

Good luck!


Thanks again @PeterThomas6 awesome write up. got the OBS, watched a couple of guides on it and think i got the hang of it now, for the most part. :smile:

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