What’s pvp like in wowcraft these days?


Hey wowcraft peeps, what is the process these days for battleground pvp? Can I still start smurfing at level 10? Is it fun still? Can you level in pvp exclusively still?

So many questions.


It’s quite different unless you’ve played it recently (as in WoD). They changed PvP quite a bit in that you have PvP talents and PvP “levels”. I haven’t really gotten into it since like maybe WoD, so idk how different it is, but it’s weird now. You can still level in PvP exclusively, although it’s the absolute slowest way. With 7.3.5 nerfing heirlooms in general (heavy nerfs), idk how effective smurfing is anymore.

Plus, there’s the problem that some classes at 110 need their artifact weapon to be in the 50-60 range just to be competitive (especially specs that prioritize vers). And then there’s some that are good right out of the gate.


Well that’s not what I wanted to hear.


Well at the very least they walked back the artifact stuff. It still has all the old levels and traits, but its now trivial to max it out in a hour or two.


I was hoping to be able to start pvp at 10 and just have fun in battlegrounds.


You’re trying to have fun in an MMO without a time/grind commitment; that’s not how it works.


Too real.