What say you, Strats community: Battlefront category?


Shall we throw up a Battlefront category now?


Ill take “Yes” for $1000 please Alex.


What use would a Battlefront category seven months away that general couldn’t do. Maybe if there was some sort of playable demo at E3 similar to what Hardline did, then there would be a steady enough stream of content to merit.
This is probably the wrong answer to your question.


The more organized data we have on Battlefront, the more we can offer to people coming in to check out what a Strats Battlefront clan might be all about. It costs us nothing and the advantage is we will have more in place when we advertise it.


I’d agree with this statement. That said, I think yes it’s a category that will be needed, but is it needed now? I don’t think we have enough content for it’s own category.

Edit: @Vocino - I was replying before you responded. What sort of content are you seeing the category have in the coming months? I certainly see a need for the category, but as @Nubhugs said, we’re 7 months away from release.


I think we should have a category for sure once we get a few months closer with a solid release date. What if it was delayed into March 2016 and you spent all this time and effort in May to draw an audience. Why not make a Divison Category right now? Why not make a Metal Gear Solid V category right now?


I see your point.

It’s worth noting that Battlefront will not be delayed. It’s very closely tied to the movie release strategy.


We have a category for Star Citizen, Wildstar, Wowcraft and a bunch more that dont get used…i dont see why we cant make it now so we can have discussion about anything game related. hype, trailers, guild info etc etc. Would be a better place for it than general…besides…we will have a category named STAR WARS!!!


Actually it will probably be named Battlefront since anything else seems really long.


Wow…the Sheldon Cooper in me just got hit in the gut :sob:


Big Bang Theory references should be a bannable offense on this forum.



I forgot A.I.'s cant appreciate humor in its finest form. I shall forgive though!

Hail :vocino:




You get the nursery ready before the baby gets here, not after. I say we build the category and try to get in front of this title. I will concede that this would not be my stance on every game, but this is a good exception. The hype is real!



I agree. We have to stay in the front to get large followings for games. Plus every piece of information that people search, while anticipating the game, could get linked to info we put up here. I don’t know about you guys, but I like internet traffic to this site.


Ok, let’s discuss it briefly at the meeting tonight and we’ll throw it up (or not). Thanks for the feedback guys.


Seems to be a lot of battlefront discussion so I say yay