What should i spend my money on?

Hey guys…my gaming funds are running out after a torrid buying spree the last couple months so i need some suggestions as what to buy with the rest of my games budget. I have funded my wallet on PSN with $150 bux and am looking at a few titles that i think are interesting but i want to know what everyone else is going to get so my pre-orders arent wasted.

First up is The Order: 1886

This seems to look like a great game to me but how many are going to get it and play?

Second up is Battlefield Hardline

I really like the looks of this and it does have multi player…whos gonna get this and play?

Third up is Dying Light

Seems like a The Last of Us clone with the zombies and survival and such…but with a much better graphics engine and some other neat features…any one going to get and play this?

Last but not least is Project CARS

I love racing games and this seems like its a replacement for Gran Turismo in some ways. Lots of cars and customization and you can race your friends. Im hesitant about this title in a way because i bought The Crew and havent played 1 second of it yet…lol

So guys im looking to you for advice and to see what is in your future so we can hopefully play some multi player together. If any of you have any other suggestions as to other games please feel free to mention them so i can check them out…if im smart with my money (and maybe add 30 more bux) i can pull off 3 games to add to my library.

Thanks in advance for any advice on the games i selected and for any more suggestions you might have!

EDIT I am also looking at The Witcher 3 but thats not until May so i could get that for my birthday.

Not sure I trust a battlefield game anymore. Dying Light and Order look worth playing.

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I plan on getting The Order and Dying Light for PS4.

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I’m waiting to see what people say about Dying Light and Hardline, I’m skipping the other two you listed.

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Is there any games im missing that you guys are looking at? I thought of another one i want but i know im solo on this :smile: MLB 15 The Show should be out early spring if their past release dates are taken into account.

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What are your thoughts and recommendations? I just want something i can play with you all.

And especially this secret title:


Thanks @Vocino!! i just skimmed the description Evolve and it looks cool. I have had The Division on my radar for a while now but its release date isnt until December…boooooo!! really looking forward to it though…most definitly will get that when it becomes available.

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You forgot Planetside 2; Vanu Sovereignty for everyone! :wink:

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Are we playing Planetside 2 on ps4 or PC? if its ps4 i will be getting that too!

We definitely are paying planetside 2! I want the order and evolve. I’m waiting for reviews though.

FYI, Evolve is holding a Technical Test for the PC starting the 16th and PS4 on 17th (can’t call it a beta since the BONE gets that). If you’re interested to try before you buy this might be your chance if you meet the criteria (invited to Big Alpha, or own L4D or Bioshock Infinite on Steam). I still have a few Big Alpha codes but not sure if they are valid. Never hurts to try.

BONE players get to retain their progress but PC/PS4 do not.

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Lmao at that Mass Effect black box @Vocino

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I’m looking forward to The Order, Bloodborne, as well as keeping an eye on Dying Light, I have the WItcher 3 pre-ordered. I’ve still been following along with The Division to an extent.

There’s a bunch of indies I’m excited for as well that were supposed to release Q4 of 2014, so I’m hoping to see a bunch of updates for Q1 / Q2. Games like Helldivers, and N++, etc.

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Oh yeah, can’t believe I forgot PlanetSide 2. That may very well be huge for us. It’s free to play though so

Planetside 2 and Witcher 3 are the 2 titles I’m looking for. Would say The Order, but still haven’t seen much good about it yet so I’m waiting.

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Picking up Dying Light, Evolve, and the Order.

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@Droul at this point the only thing I am certain of is Planetside 2. I think @teejay1955 will get Project CARS, he loves car games like you.

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Are we playing planetside 2 on PS4? if so thats a definite buy for me.


Yeah we are man


@Droul I’m almost definitely gonna pick up BF: Hardline, but it will be on PC, and it looks like you’ll be on PS4

But another game I’m pretty excited about is Shadow Realms there are some pretty cool vids of the gameplay and such on youtube if you’re interested.

It’s basically a 4v1 Class Based Multiplayer game, with the unique edge being the solo player acts as a kind of “Dungeon Master” setting traps for the other players, and deciding what type of monsters they will fight, they can also take control of any of the monsters if they wish, among many other tricks.

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