What should we talk about in April? #STR4TSmonthly



That’s right folks, the next monthly is a little over a week away; what should we talk about? If you’ve got an idea for the upcoming Monthly, simply reply here with details (and maybe a relevant article link, as applicable). If you agree with a suggestion that’s posted in here, leave a “like” on the comment so we can gauge which topics are the most popular. This isn’t necessarily a de facto list that we’ll for sure discuss (we have some ideas of our own too), but it gives us a better picture about what the viewers and participants want to chat about, and we’ll definitely be including some of the higher-voted suggestions.

STR4TS MONTHLY #2 - April 2018

With the launch of the Vive Pro and Oculus Go, I think it would be cool to talk about the state of Virtual Reality, and how people are feeling about it.


Computer in a backpack for VR… http://vr.msi.com/Backpacks/vrone
The MSI VR One.



I can only imagine how hot that would be. My back would become a sweaty mess.


I’d like to talk about types of monetization methods people like in their games and why. Maybe we could talk about some of the major games that have come out recently that were better or worse than expected? The current state of VR?