What Should You Be Doing Today In Albion? 20150701



Ok guys so everyone keeps asking what needs to be done today so here is the list.

  • Build the houses and farms on @DrizztDo_Urden69’s private island so we can get the guild chests going.
  • Get all the buildings on the territory built and up to tier 3.
  • Get all the buildings on the Guild Island to Tier 4
  • Get more cooking/farming done so we have food for the territory upkeep.


Maybe a list of crafters would be helpfull too ? Since above T3 it is really time intensive to unlock.


@Kellock93 that should be listed in the Crafting thread…a directory of our crafters…


It might be time to update everyone on the condition of both Strats Island and the territory (Stratsville?).

It seems several buildings on Strats Island is getting low on food. Should everyone be using the territory instead?

Also, I get the notice many times per day that the territory has less than 24 hours left. I carried some food there today and fed a few of the buildings. It takes a lot of food to even raise one of those buildings 10%. I supplied some of the lower structures, bringing them up to 50% or so.

Do we need more people focusing on food?