What Star Citizen ship should I buy? (yes, this thread again!)



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OK, I have 2 GTX980s in SLI that need some mother effing starships. What Star Citizen starship should I buy? I want something as close to the Millennium Falcon as possible, e.g. workhorse cargo that has some fight in her.

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Doesn’t look like the Falcon but she’ll make the Kessel Run in 12 parsecs.

Seriously though, big purchase but right in line with what Han would pilot.

The Constellation Andromeda


That’s pretty damn sexy. And can I fly this thing immediately if I buy it?


Not sure, here is the product overview brochure.
I havent’t gotten the chance to play Star Citizen yet, just drool over their ships.


I think I need to go for it so I can be more involved in the guild/clan/corp process.


If you drop money into this then can I be your wookiee friend?


I was looking at the Andromeda today! It seems to be very popular and lends itself to a multi person crew.


Exactly my thoughts, if i bought a ship today though it’d be The Avenger


Idk. Conny would be cool but I prefer to pledge single crew ships. Right now I have a 325a and a Hull B.


For the purposes of playing the modals that are out now, it seems like a single-person ship might be better. Thoughts?


Hornet line are good dogfighting
300i is more luxury. Faster but less firepower.
Hull (a or b) Trading vessels
Gladius looks cool but i dont know where it excels
Avenger, same not sure where it belongs between the 300i and Hornet.

Mustang/Aurora are starter ships, but you can usually get a package that gets u a copy of SC. Most other ships are standalone (don’t include game/extras)

Keep in mind that there are variants (upgrades) to each base ship line that may be interesting. For example, the Hornet has a variant that is billed as being a stealth ship.


Ah, that is great info @senNish. The Hornet stealth ship is one I was looking at a while back. That might be a good option as well.


Lol. I’m too excited for this game considering how long I have to maintain my hype for it.


I am seriously looking at the Constellation Aquila. Good for exploring and comes with a rover for planet exploration. Lotta dollars though and it’s a 5 man so I’ll have room for some crew. :smile:


I really want a crew ship but there’s no telling when the game will actually support that, right?


This gives the details of their multi-crew ship systems. Though I’m not sure if it will be a thing at launch…

Looks promising


Problem is everything they post about looks promising and sounds amazing. Where is it?

I could write some detailed posts about a super cool dream game design too :slight_smile:


Crowd source it for $70 mil and disappear to an island off the coast of Thailand.


That’s been my concern about this game as well. As the money keeps rolling in, the scope of the game broadens out of control. Have you read their scope for the FPS module? They want to make breathing be an actual factor. Three different positions for carrying/moving with your weapon and it takes time to transition between modes.

I’m not sure what ship to recommend at this point. I would almost say spend the 30-35 bucks to buy the basic package in order to get the game, Arena Commander (dogfighting module), and the most basic ship just to see if you like it. Then worry if you want to pledge more money for other ships.

The ships are rather overpriced right now and that’s in order to raise capital for the game. I don’t think you will be able to buy ships with real cash once the game launches, but it should be relatively easier to buy them with in-game credits.


It seems the only big reason to consider pledging is the insurance for your ship (which might be a pretty big deal if you’re worried about getting blown up all the time) and/or the copy of the game (which will almost assuredly cost more than $35-$40 on release).

I’m still waiting to see what ship I might want to get as well as for more proof of concept. That said, I’ll likely get myself a 1-2 man ship and a slightly-larger one (salvager, miner, cargo, etc.) for running with a modest group if and when they convince me this game is actually happening in the ballpark of their promises :wink: