What tomorrow brings


As most of you know my brother is in a battle with cancer. This past monday they took new mri’s and ct scans to see how/if the treatments are are working. He gets the results tomorrow morning. I ask you, if you are a praying type, to please say a prayer for my brother Tim.


Best of luck and prayers for good news with Tim’s results tomorrow. Keep us informed!


I did not know that, @Droul!

I’m sending much love + prayers to your brother Tim, you + your family as well. :purple_heart:

Please keep us updated.


Good luck man! Everything is gonna work out brother.


Good look to you and your family, everything will be as it must be; stay strong.


Sending good vibes to you and your family


Here’s hoping for good news! Good luck to you all.


Best of luck with the results…sending good vibes your way.


I’ll be sending prayers, good vibes, and positive energy your way.

Hope its good news.


Prayers and love to you and your family brother.


I don’t pray, but you and he will get all of my good vibes and thoughts heading your way that all is well. Best of luck to you both.


OMG friends…the news could not be any better about my brother…i was so scared today and am not ashamed to admit i shed quiet a few tears but here it is from my sister in laws post on facebook. I want to say thank you to all of you…my friends…for the words of support and many hours of gameplay you provide me with…i love you all like you were my family. I am truly blessed to have this place to come to and escape the real world for a while through video games. so here goes:

“Here at Yale This Morning…Scans came back, tumor in left lung GONE…tumor to right lung nearly GONE…Mesentery Node-GONE! MRI of the Brain NEGATIVE! Could not have asked for better news! The Medication kicked Timothy Lovell’s but but he kicked cancer’s butt!! Thanks to all who are supporting us out there. We have a long road ahead of us, two years of every two week treatments, but now just one of the two meds so less side effects. Tim given pain meds for neuropathy to his legs and feet! What a ride we have had, but so worth it! Tim is sleeping waiting for this treatment…not surprised but glad he is resting up. Good day for a celebration everyone!”


Great news :smile:



BEST. NEWS. EVER. :purple_heart: :tada:


"he kicked cancer’s butt!! "
Couldn’t have it better my self.


That’s awesome @Droul I’m so happy to see that you got good news! I’m also sorry I didn’t see this post earlier. Well good vibes your way man for the future in hopes that everything goes 100%

I’ve been on the bad side of that situation buddy and it’s something I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy. I’m so glad that everything is looking up for you!


Really glad to hear your brother is doing so much better man!


great news!


I’m so happy to hear the great news!