What VPN do you use?



I’m currently in the market for a good VPN service and I want to know what VPN the awesome people of Strats recommends? I’ll mostly be using it for the streaming of videos, and occasionally games. Free or paid, ff you have a suggestion let me know, and please tell me why you prefer it over other VPN services.




What I use when I want to be anonymous. :stuck_out_tongue:


I use this almost always. Except maybe if I want to watch twitch or youtube without issues. I also paid for the subscription on my phone (not on wifi), using a walmart gift card :wink: I’m a ghost :ghost:


PIA is the most used one for a reason.


When I read that they don’t log anything ever, I figured it was worth the $50/year. I don’t trust the free VPN’s at all for this reason. I know others don’t log as well. Also, I downloaded the PIA app for my android phone also! Now I can use my phone as a ghost too!!

Shit, why stop there though, I also side loaded the app onto my nexus player for the same reason. :smile:


Hahaha yeah. PIA is damn good. PIA is love!


You mean over a public phone? And how did you pay for it with a walmart gc? I don’t see that as an option.


I just used my phones data connection, therefore there would be no ip tracking. You can choose to pay by gift card or by credit card. I first chose gamestop gift card but that didn’t work for me…so now I have a $50 gamestop card. lol.


I use Hide My Ass!. It’s paid, but if you sign up for a year it’s only about $5/mo.

I’ve used a couple free ones in the past, but they were super slow, so I decided to go paid. Way more convenient.


I use PIA to allow me to pretend to be in the USA when it’s convenient.

And… other things. As needed. :grin:


I use Hola, and that seems to work well enough. Not as good as a paid service though.


I did use Hola until last year when it was determined their were selling users bandwidth. Big trust issue with them now.


Hey everyone! thanks for all the great information! It’s really appreciated!