What will your main class/race be?



Personally going Esper, likely Aurin. Killin ppl wif my mind blades!


I honestly have no idea. I need to do some research. Is the classic MMO holy trinity in effect? If so, is there a tank class I can be?

EDIT: Actually, Medic looks pretty fun: http://www.wildstar-online.com/en/game/classes/medic/

I think I might go with that. No idea what race.


I dont know yet

classes are split into either dps/tank or dps/heals so i would suggest you play the free beta and level all classes to at least 5-6 to see how they work.


Is there an announced launch date yet? (sorry, I know I could just look it up but I’m currently on a plane so the internet isn’t that great)


31st if you preorder aka early access


Have we decided what faction we’re going to be? Server? If so, I’ll add it to the description under the category like the others.


quoting guardiax from the other thread:

GuardianX 8h
Server Information:

Cassus – Exile Faction

Why a non PvP server?
Because there wasn’t a pvp server option available when I was in beta.

How can I change servers, I didn’t even choose one!?!?
Top of the character select screen after you log in. Click the button and you are taken to server select.

But I already have a character on X server!
Cool! Cross server exists on this game, toss your email address to a person on mumble and have them add you. UNFORTUNATELY you can’t cross FACTION group.


I assumed that was just for Beta.


Yes, that server GuardianX posted is only for beta. I think most of us want to play Exile though, so that shouldn’t change. I don’t think there is a list of launch servers, but I think our only real requirement should be an open world PvP server.


Yeah i prefer exile over the nazi’s . As for race i think aurin


Yeah I plan on being an Aurin Esper


Leaning very heavily towards Mordesh Medic right now.


Confirmed: Space Zombie Healer in live. Excitement is high. WHY IS THE BETA ENDING SO SOON?! :cry:


Looking like a Human Engineer/explorer is going to be my choice.

EDIT i am actually torn on what i am going to play…i played a stalker for a while today and liked it as well…so its going to be a release time decision for me…lol


Well I played Medic and Warrior up to the 20s in beta, but I think I will try Mordesh Stalker and Human Esper. I will level whichever roles and classes we need most. I like all of them really.


Level what you want and feel you will enjoy the most!


No doubt, we’re going to need multiples of everything for the 20- and 40-player raids.


To alleviate possible confusion, I am all for what @Majordomo is saying: play what you enjoy. As the guild expands after launch we can recruit to fill any gaps we have. I mentioned the raids to indicate that it didn’t matter if we had 5 people already wanting to play a certain class. It just means post-launch recruiting efforts will be focused on filling our other requirements.


yep but we can get away with the class we want until we launch. Whatever we need we can fill later on. Dont lock yourselves in classes that you don’t like but think will be needed. Roster and who is who going up next week btw.


Human - Tank (either Warrior or Stalker) - Soldier

Edit: So I now know what I’m gonna play. I will be going Human - Stalker (Tank) - Scientist


Rockman Warrior Tank Settler >:-)