What would you like to see on my Twitch Channel

Hey there everyone, this is Freshie the guy you might remember as putting up those “high quality” Let it Die tips or that guy who streams those stupid nuzlocke things a while back ago. But I haven’t been too active recent mainly as I am in my final semester of college going for my degree in Electronic Media and Broadcasting degree and haven’t had the time. But I am glad to announce that I will be wrapping up my school life this coming week as I take the last set of finals. So with my increase is disposable free time I’m hoping to get back into streaming and would like your input on what kind of content you would like to see on my channel. I have dabbled in all of these but would like to have a bit more focus starting up again on what people would enjoy seeing and would regularly come out to watch.

So if you could choose from below on what content you want to see that would be greatly appreciated.

  • More Hearthstone Content!
  • More Multiplayer Stuff!
  • Self Imposed Gaming Challenges! (Nuzlockes)
  • Whatever You Want To Play, I’ll Watching Anything You Play!
  • Speedruns, Get Good Freshie!
  • Long Plays, MORE RPGs!
  • Show us some real Bad Games!

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