What would your dream video game be like?

If you could make a video game exactly the way you wanted it what would it be like?

What mechanics would your game have?

What story would your game have?

What do you think other people would think of your game?

Are there any games similar to your game?


Nice try @Zontago, but I plan to make mine; there’ll be no IP thievery here! :wink:


Oh man…

  • 3rd person view with cover similar to Mass Effect

  • Cyberpunk theme (futuristic but dark and gritty)

  • Hardcore MMORPG in a huge urban world sort of like what Anarchy Online would be like if it were built today

  • The guild system would consist of something like futurist style street gangs or corporations (you could model it how you wanted)

  • Heavy crafting system where you could create your own weapons, upgrade them, build cybernetics to beef your character up, etc.

  • Gangs could own property in the cities that would generate revenue based on usage of things inside, like respawning in med bays, crafting stations, terminals, etc.

  • No level system for characters, instead you would just craft better gear, jack in better cybernetics, better robotics, etc.

One of my old friends is a game designer at Microsoft and years and years and years ago we were seriously wanting to create a game like this but you know how those kinds of projects go… pipe dreams.


Aww man I’m so disappointed I don’t get to steal your ideas @Auth I might cry. :disappointed: (joking sarcasm) :grinning:
In all seriousness I’ll probably squeeze pieces of it out of you every chance I get. :wink:

Nah, If you don’t wanna share thats cool, but I’m sure Microsoft will steal the idea before I even get a chance.

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I would play your game.

And aside from the cyberpunk theme, you should seriously look at Crowfall tomorrow morning. I think it will contain most of those elements you listed. Although there’s not much use for cover when you’re using a sword.


My game would be silky smooth 30 fps. The main character would have to be purchased with addon dlc, if you don’t own him there is just a . if you don’t pre-order the game you don’t get the ending dlc and if you die you have to pay for lives in the in app store. Game breaking bugs would be patched six months after launch. I’ll have three different endings but they will all be the same ,just different colors. Finally, to make my game perfect, there will be a phone app that locks half the game content and requires you to use it to get items needed to complete the game.

Now if you’ll excuse me I need to go jump in my money vault full of gold coins I made from this game.

Vocino is a try hard, his game sounds better


That sounds awesome. Would you have a skill system too, or just implants?

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You could “jack in” skills in some kind of quasi-matrix style. They would have some kind of power rating or something that you would fill. So if your character had room for 100 units of power, you’d have to figure out a combination that works. Do you go with fewer huge abilities or more smaller ones?

EDIT: On those skills/implants I would also want them to be craftable and their quality based on the goods that go in. So a great crafter (like in early SWG) would be able to make a more powerful but lower power level implant.


Sounds quite alot like Albion Online, just futuristic.

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Where do I preorder?


If it didn’t take $5,000,000, 4 years, and 200 people to make a great game these days I’d be all over it.

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I would make a MMO where everyone was dependent upon each other. You could make rudimentary weapons and items to get you by, but to really get some good stuff you would have to enlist the help of a artesian / craftsman (blacksmith, fletcher, magi, etc) these roles would be filled by other players.

If your charecter was more of a dark hat you would have ways of encouraging these players to provide what you need. You might burn down their house or take their family hostage.

The merchants and craftsmen would not be helpless, they could take out a bounty or trade goods for protection and that’s right. Players would fill these roles as well.


Honestly I would love a Fallout style crafting survival game based on a post apocalyptic event. Centered in a world modeled after a real city(like gta) and actually not exaggerated with monsters or Zombies. Just a pvp style game based in like Los Angeles where you must band together and create towns and cities to survive.

Dangit I really just want a really well done post apocalyptic survival mmo based off realism(eating isn’t as important as water, things are harder to craft based on real things, etc.)



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I honestly just love a perfect car racing game. I want hundreds of cars. Every make and model should be represented, with different years and trim levels available. I loved the detail of Forza 4 ,where you could tour inside certain cars and even get history of the cars. The focus of the game would customization and would allow if the real possibilities like motor swaps, drivetrain swap, and asperation conversions. But you also need to be able to turn that civic into a rice mobile. You need body kits, spoilers, and wheels for days to get that done.

The world would similar the best racing game ever (you guessed it) Need For Speed Underground 2. You get to drive around a city to go from race to race. There would events between and you could have some fun. The races would be at famous tracks like the nurumberg ring and you could expirence true racing. It would need different modes like grand turismo and Forza did. With an emphasis on drifting, which gets left out sometimes.

The physics would have to similar to Forza and focus on being a simulator. It would give you real time info on camber, toe, tire wear, engine heat, and telemetry all while driving. With a optional screen to allow you to tune your car for the perfect result. This would include engine tunes and boost changes. Everything would be named correctly, so might actually learn a thing or two.


That hurts @teh_ninjaneer. However, TIL what a 5char is. :smile:

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Psh, I’m not learning to code for nothing! I’m keeping it a secret. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’m pretty sure I’ve already bought that game…

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Another satisfied customer… I bet people will buy the same game next year too, I’ll just change the title and give new useless features that look important but won’t be used. I love this job.

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I’ve played a lot of great games lately that didn’t take any of those figures. In fact, the games I thought were going to be great that did follow that formula ended up being quite disappointing.

In what little free time I get, I’m working on a game that takes the good parts of Animal Crossing and Glitch and adds features that my wife and I thought would be a lot of fun to play. Probably not something anyone here would be interested in, but I think there’s huge potential for brand tie-ins.