What're you jamming right now?


I’m rocking this:

Team Strats collaborative playlist on Spotify
"Fair chance" and other sidebars
Been listening to Mass Effect for focus sounds lately

Rocking latest album from SLipknot… Currently this song:


Mostly in a punk phase from my youth right now.


R.I.P Lemmy


I’m just over here with my slow jams…


Also, best first half of a song followed by the most annoying second half of a song, all in one song!



Just switched genres hard; @Vocino, this group might be up your alley if you’ve never heard them. The keyboard solo in this chart though…damn…


Based on the first posts by @Auth and @xploz1on, here are some of my favorites in that harder genre you may not have heard before (yes, they’re super old. yes, I am super old):

Stuck Mojo:


This is pretty cool. That is a lot of people.


Those two are some good ones.


Always good to see someone listening to Type O Negative


I’ve been jamming this band for the past few weeks.


Mixing it up with some:


Some raw punk music, as always:

Finally seeing them in Asheville in March. They are so amazing.


Slowly, streaming Wale’s 3 albums:

The Gifted
The Album About Nothing

Also still being obsessed with The Weeknd - Beauty Behind The Madness


Anything Taylor Swift. :smiley:


My ipod’s currently loaded with every Alice in Chains and Metallica song that I own. Great for lifting weights. Previously it had every Ke$ha, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, and Britney Spears song I own. Also great for lifting weights. I like pop music in general, and I refuse to apologize for liking what I like.


This is what’s playing at work right now. I’m feelin’ it.


Relax mode on!


These guys seem like a weird mix between early Blink-182, Death Cab for Cutie, and Brand New…