What're you jamming right now?


Finally got home for the day; putting one of my go-to jams on:



I found out about them through another favorite band called Say Anything back when TFB opened for them. They are so awesome.



Say Anything :heart:

Alive With the Glory of Love was my favorite song for the longest time. Max Bemis is the man! (at least he was In Defense of the Genre and earlier).



Getting hyped for some afternoon gaming with a Swiss band my friend hipped me to back when they just had a website to download their MP3’s and no record label. Their music is heavily inspired/influenced by video game music. This is the original recording of “Attack Music” released free on their website before it was redone and found its way onto a subsequent studio album.



Oh, man. @vocino, you’re listening to my kind of music. I still have all of the Stuck Mojo CDs from back when I was on the street team for Century Media and Nuclear Blast. Got so many great albums for free as a result of it.

My current go-to album is the latest by Caligula’s Horse. When I heard the harmonies in the first track I got goosebumps, and the second track is where I wish Opeth would return to.

First (title) track, Bloom:

Second track, Marigold:



Yes! He is so amazing. He also does a great live show. Great stage presence. However he suffers from, apparently, crippling social anxiety so rarely meets fans. He’s settled down a lot now that he has two kiddos and a wife. Good guy. It’s interesting to see his battle with bi polar disorder throughout his musical career.

If you like Say Anything you will love: The Front Bottoms, Sorority Noise, Two Tongues (Max Bemis side project), La Dispute, The Wonder Years, Into It Over It, Modern Baseball, and You Blew It!

To name a few lol. I have many more bands that all stem from my addiction to Say Anything.

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Loving The Front Bottoms. I’ll definitely check out the others.
I recall checking out Two Tongues and hating the other guy’s voice though.

You might want to check out You, Me, and Everyone We Know. I believe they’re friends with Say Anything, and Max is in one of their songs. A little more pop-ish, but good band.

They have other, better songs… but I’ll link the one with Max.

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I’m glad you like the Front Bottoms! My good friend and sorority sister has met them/hung out with them multiple times and says they are super cool guys, as well. She first met them at a show and then they met up when TFB was touring in Scotland while she was interning for Parliament. Really cool. I can’t wait to see them play in Asheville. Trying to get Kelsey to come up so I can have someone to see them with! It’s a very specific kind of music I feel like, and not a lot of people like it.

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Courtney Barnett



It cracks me up every time when the guy with the deep voice comes in…


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Heard a shit cover of this on the radio today, decided to crack the original out to flush the abomination from my ears:

Said cover:

I generally really like Disturbed’s covers, but this one can piss off insofar as I’m concerned.



If you liked disturbed even a little bit, their new album is so good. It does have that cover on it but you may like the rest of it.



haha jk

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Something a bit heavier today…


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Anything Wynonie Harris right now :smile:



Octopus4 by The Algorithm. It’s got a crazy story written on the inside cover.



95% of all videos in this thread “This music is not aviable in your country due to copyright issues”. Well played Germany.



couple songs I’ve had stuck in my head for about a week.

Comeback Kid - "Wake the Dead"

Point of Recognition - "No One Gets Out Alive"

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