What're you jamming right now?


So, as someone who hasn’t played the game, I have to say the soundtrack seems pretty awesome. Are there more calm tracks like this, or is it pretty much combat music with this one mellow one?

Yeah, I don’t think many people realize this happened after his rap career. It’s…something alright.


Interestingly his metal music is better than his other stuff. Nothing groundbreaking, but it’s not straight garbage.


The Vanilla Ice frequents my sister’s diner in Florida.


I don’t know why, but when I read that I immediately got this stuck in my head… I know I’m easy to song bomb, but that wasn’t even remotely intentional, I hate my brain…


whoa Black Betty…


fuck you

edit: no link required, the damage is done


At least I linked you the version with the short solo :wink:



I actually have this album (Hard to Swallow). It happened after Vanilla Ice appeared on “Boom” on a Bloodhound Gang album rap battling with Jimmy Pop and the song was unexpectedly mildly popular. Ross Robinson, the producer behind Korn, produced the VI album and it has Shannon Larkin from early 90s metal pseudofame on drums. I’ll take it over the early 90s hip-hop stuff any day, but it’s pretty cheese.

The Bloodhound Gang song:








@Auth, I love that song. Believe it or not, the Timberlake and Kendrick (is that her name?) cover of it they did for the Trolls soundtrack is really good too.




I love the Tiny Desk. It’s such a real way to watch these musicians. I also had no idea Steve Martin was a musician.


so is Rick Moranis, country music I think


Listened to this 3 times since it came out; such a surprisingly-well-done cover: