What're you jamming right now?


Didn’t know this guy was a thing…


He’s awesome, but that’s basically a cover of the cover I loathe. I do love most of his work, though. He’s done a lot with Postmodern Jukebox; here’re a couple I really like:

He did AGT this last season too.


I like the Disturbed cover. Also like the original.


I like both - I was surprised how good the Distrurbed cover was.

I listen to a lot of Psytrance when I’m working. Currently on Talamasca:


Gotta throw this one up here for Gord.






Going to miss Gord.

For those of you who don’t understand the impact Gord Downie & The Tragically Hip had on our small nation, this was their last concert on a tour that surprised many, and one that was broadcast live & commercial-free on CBC.

Gord was Canada. Canada is Gord.


if you really must know, my pandora playlist is mainly Basshunter

but a lot of steve aoki too


Earthlings, step forward
You’ve been brought here for a purpose
The most important task of your lives
Do not make me destroy you

I will make these machines invincible
Then I will be able to conquer the galaxy
Hurry up, earthlings! Co-operate!
Now I have all my power!


8 months on, I still jam this every time it comes up; haven’t skipped it or turned it off yet


Somehow neither I nor @ThatDoomThough have ever posted this gem in here:


yea, every single time I hear my son say “oh no” this gets in my head, and honestly… not too upset about that



Clever mashup






I did a while ago, love seeing it in here again!