What're you jamming right now?


I actually have a bunch of Jenkees music in my phone, from his collab in the There Came an Echo OST.



have I already posted this? whatever…


I also can’t remember if I have previously posted this. I’m almost certain I saw these guys perform at a frat party 20 years ago. I know the band name sounded very familiar when I first heard of them.


Currently listening to https://soundcloud.com/tlohtzin123/sets/music-of-the-spheres-final. This was going to be used as part of Destiny 1 but after Activision didn’t use Marty O’ Donnel’s music in their trailer for D1 he got pissed and fought with them for a while (as far as I understand it) so they let him go and didn’t release this music as part of the game. It scratches a bunch of different musical itches. I love those big orchestral works.



Compliments of @stHeretic




Let’s get ridiculously trap with your inner stripper and Cardi B.


Most of you know how hard some of the music news last year hit me. This video made me cry today. Mike was so severely affected by Chester’s passing. You can feel the different stages of grief on this song. He also released 2 other videos in the past week. He’s going through some shit.



I’m restarting my Dark Souls 3 playthrough. So of course I’m pumping this.




Stumbled across this musicians album and been jamming to it ever since, https://catbossstudio.bandcamp.com/album/feelings-jam



Every now and again I circle back to this anime soundtrack:


The Pillows!!