What're you jamming right now?


I’m having a serious 80’s flashback this morning. If you were a boy of the 70s and 80s and you didn’t think these ladies were hot (especially Nancy and her guitar) then I don’t know you. I bet @dontcallmejames knows what I’m talking about

Edit - Here’s a bonus video just because it is typical 80s-Mad Max-industrial-leather-fire type video


Bonus, not-full song that got me in the rabbit hole:


I’ve seen the “this is America” one and thought it was hilarious. The head like a hole one is just further proof that “call me maybe” is a genius song. My wife hates when I walk around the house singing it. Plus Carly Rae is so damn cute.


Zoey’s starting to learn the lyrics too, I play this in the car all the time.


Honestly, it’s perhaps the most ridiculously-catchy song I’ve heard in my life.

Change my mind.


That might or might not be on my “fun pop” playlist for my commute. <- talking about call me maybe


I know it’s not “Call Me Maybe” level, but I do enjoy watching “I Really Like You”

Also, she’s Canadian from my neck of the woods. +5 Dexterity to Carly Rae.


Oh man, are we doing music videos of catchy songs with famous actors now?


the first song my newborn is going to listen in my car!!!


this is the second one…


finally yet not least…
Is the daddy favorite song ever


I call your Leonard Nimoy and raise you Christopher Walken.


Always a favorite.


i use it while working


Ugh… this fucking “song”…

(This is the “cash me outside” girl)


But for reals, I’ve been rocking some BANKS again:


confession time, my guilty pleasure is a select few katy perry and nicky minaj songs… judge me

edit: also, thanks alot @xploz1on I can’t get radiohead out of my head now…