What's going on here?


What’s with these ‘ads’? They’re not even genuine ads, just pictures. I went to Adblock to block an element and these are just imgur links. Found this in the source:

PreloadStore.store("customHTML",{"top":"<center>\n    <img src=\"http://i.imgur.com/Gmf1jEJ.gif\" height=\"200px\">\n    <img src=\"http://i.imgur.com/PMVptg4.gif\" height=\"200px\">\n    <img src=\"http://i.imgur.com/RFGriYW.gif\" height=\"200px\">\n<\/center>","footer":""});


It’s part of our new monetization moving forward; @Vocino outlined it in his weekly update.


Ahhh hahahaha, I see where this is going. Glad to see this kind of partnership :slight_smile: