What's going on with Invaderdoom?


So just want to keep you guys in the loop. I just got a new job at a furniture company, Art Van. It’s a full time sales position with really wierd hours.

What does this mean you ask? Well this Sunday I have to go up to Warren, MI which is about 2 hours away from me for a week to start training, then I’m home for the weekend, then back up the next week again. So my streams will be only on the weekends for the next couple weeks. I really hate to break my schedule, but life has thrown a curve ball at me and forced me to get a new job.

Once I move to working in the store I will be working until 9 pm EST, so my streams from here on out will probably be a little later. However I start later in the day so you can probably expect me to stream for longer at night!

Also, this job will be much more money for me, which means more money I can use to upgrade my stream and buy games to give to you guys! I plan on doing more and better giveaways to help build a stronger community and maybe might do some Strats members only giveaways!


Life upgrades are always good. Congrats on the new job


Thanks @Nubhugs! I’m trying to not let it get in the way of streaming or anything, that’s my main passion :slight_smile:


Hey man, life is all about the way we handle those curveballs, and it sounds like you are doing so with grace and poise. Congrats on the new job and pay bump, and here’s hoping to see many, many more streams from you in the future. If there’s anything we can do to assist with the transition for you, please let us know.

Take care man, and be safe on your travels.


Thanks for the support @PeterThomas6! I just wanted to let everyone on here that watches the stream know that I’ll be absent from Twitch. I’ll still be on the forums since I’ll have WiFi and my laptop at the hotel, but my laptop is hardly enough to game on.

I would take the rig with me, but the upload speeds at the hotel would most likely be absolute rubbish so there isn’t a point.

I can’t wait to get back into the swing of things after the new job starts because I’ll be able to start upgrading the compy and start streaming potentially for longer.


congrats on new job. we all understand those curveballs. hang in there!