What's New?

People who still play this game, or who played it recently, what’s new?

I remember Zenimax saying that they plan to add new skill lines to the game regularly, as well as adding other new content on a regular basis. Have they delivered on that? Are there any new skill lines or other interesting new content in the game?

No new skill lines yet that I am aware of.

The Craglorn group adventure zone has been added, along with timed trials. I don’t have any Veteran rank characters so I don’t know a lot about this.

Veteran ranks have been extended to 14. This will soon be replaced with the Champion system, which is a horizontal progression system compared to the current vertical progression of Veteran levels.

An armor dye system has been added. You gain dyes by completing achievements.

Improvements have been made to the engine lighting system and NPC animations. I think the game looks better than it did at launch.

Veteran versions of several leveling dungeons have been added, and some public dungeons/delves have been made bigger. Also, all solo dungeons scale to your level for more challenge. Group dungeons scale to level of party leader, up to VR10 or 12 I think.

I believe the Werewolf skill line got a rework recently. Stamina-based skills also got updated to be closer to magicka skills.

These are the things I’ve thought of quickly that I read or heard from Twitch streams. From what I’ve read Zenimax has been pretty good about sticking with the 4-6 week release schedule for updates.


This is good to hear. Weapon skills were pretty weak as I remember it.

Should also mention that Cyrodiil durations have been changed. Originally I believe there were 10 or so campaigns that lasted 3 months. There was one that was usually full and then each faction picked one to dominate solely. The remaining were relatively empty.

Now there are two campaigns each on a 30-day length.

One for 14-days.

One for 7-days.

And one 5-day that is only open to non-Veteran levels.

It looks like the 30-day and non-Veteran see the most action. But I am happy to see the shorter durations and fewer campaigns. I am especially happy to see the non-Vet because I remember trying to fight a single Vet rank player. Three non-Vets could barely damage him.

Edit - I’m really surprised at the number of people running around Glenumbra and Daggerfall. The low-level zones here feel so different than Wildstar did a month ago. I will soon be trying to get groups for the first three dungeons so that will be a good gauge.

This is also really good to know.
This might just seal the deal on my return.

If you are VR then i highly recommend trying out the DragonStar Arena. It is 10 arenas of 5 waves each that you progress through that get increasingly hard. It does take a long time to beat and can be very challenging, but it’s one of the most fun things i’ve done in the game.

I haven’t beaten it, but i’ve gotten pretty far a few times. The furthest i’v gotten was arena 8 wave 4, then the tank left so we couldn’t finish :frowning:

And don’t forget the next update is set to include the Champion System, which is a SERIOUS overhaul of the current combat system.

I’m not VR, atm I think my main is 42 or so, but he is on DFC so I’ll need to start over on Dominion.

I’m playing Daggerfall. 25 & 10 Templar, 17 Dragonknight.

My 25 is a Breton but I just didn’t feel attached to the character with Bretons supposed to be all spelly. So I made this Redguard last week. I love the look of their 2-handed swords, but their shields leave a lot to be desired. I can barely block the sun from my eyes with that thing.

My DK is an Orc. I made him because I wanted to prove that something other than Templars can heal. Still debating on which I want to actually play. Templar is probably closest to my actual style, but DK has become a pride thing. DK is still FotM, though.

well, let your pride rest. I don’t think anyone thinks other classes can’t heal, but we do think that you can’t heal without resto staff.

So what’s the deal? If I come back should I stick DFC? or Reroll Aldmeri Dominion?

I’m really tempted!


Well I’ve decided, I’m gonna take the plunge. The fact that I can PvP now without VR 12s about is a big plus. And it seems like they are actively trying to make their game better.

Just let me know which side so I can make a character when I get home.

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Players seem to think that the Templar Restoring Light tree contains the actual group-healing skills, not Resto Staff. I must be the only person who thinks Restoring Light is best used when tanking. If you check out the forums, especially people discussing Craglorn and trials, Templars are usually brought for healing and that’s all. That’s what I read anyway.

But all of that is a discussion for another thread.

I think Strats started the game as an AD guild. I’m just not big on elves. Especially ones that eat people. So I’ll probably be sticking with the guys who pretend to like Orcs.

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I might have a month sub under my tree this year.


Are you guys going to make This One feel bad for not playing Khajiit

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Do it!

Think of all the skooma you could have!

Forgot about Skooma. This changes everything.


Okay, I’m headed home in a bit. I’ll be making a new character on AD unless advised otherwise.

I’m scared of change. The Covenant is all I’ve known.

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Me too brother, I chose Covenant before release. But I gotta go Strats Stronk!

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