What's the best way to get geared in Destiny?


So I’m at level 40 with 220 light level but I’m not sure how to get better gear. Just run strike playlists? Advice is appreciated!


Yes, run strikes and do the quests that you can. Also, always be the highest light lvl when turning in your engrams, even if it isn’t something you want to wear. If you are trying to speed lvl, don’t Infuse anything, just keep using what is the highest lvl and this will also save you marks.


Alright that’s kind of what I was thinking, I haven’t quite figured out the legendary mark thing either. Do you just get those for quests?

Also, I have like 20,000 glimmer and like over 200 armor and weapon materials, should I be using then on something? Haha


You’ll use your glimmer to do upgrades to your gear and weapons. You gain marks from doing the daily vanguard/crucible, weekly vanguard/crucible (up to 3 times each), and dismantling legendary gear. Some quests do give you marks in the beginning.


I would suggest using your glimmer to stock up on ammo syntheses from the Gunsmith, esp. special ammo synthesis, which is very useful in the new raid.


As far as gearing up I did the court of oryx for a few hours and got a ton of gear


Went from like 230 light to 290 in a matter of hours


Which one is the court of oryx?


I’m also starting to see the effects of not having enough people to play with. All the quests are freaking impossible almost without at least one other person.

I did vanguard for like 2 hours and got 1 new piece of gear that took me from 218 to 220. There has to be a better way


Like Wilson said, the court of oryx will be your best friend. You need to go to the dreadnaught then go from where you spawn to the left. There will be an area there with ground that burns you normally. If you go paat that there is a set of six statues that you can put runes in. Once you put a rune in you can summon a mini boss to kill that will drop blue engrams like candy.


Thanks @Rellek I’ll try doing that for sure!


You’ll want to be careful what tiers you summon.

For the most part you’ll want to the do the easy Tier 1’s (Can be pretty easily solo’d). This is the light level for each tier.

Tier 1 - 190
Tier 2 - 240
Tier 3 - 290

Tier 1 is easily soloable as I said.
Tier 2 can be solo’d, but at your current light level, you’d struggle in a team. You’ll need to know some basic mechanics.
Tier 3 requires teamwork. Minimum 3 people working in a fireteam, but you’ll likely need the coordinated efforts of a 4th or 5th (rely’s on randoms since it’s Patrol).

Court of Oryx is definately a great way for farming blues, hopefully you have a bunch of Reciprical runes (Tier 1’s). If you have a Stolen Rune it first needs to be charged (3x Tier 1 completions), but I’d save these for when you have a fireteam to assist, or some competent randoms. It’s always most profitable to spend your own Runes as you get a chest at the end with random drops. If you’re just helping and not using your runes, you can still get good drops, just not as often, and most of them will be from the enemies that are killed and not for completing the tier.

If you have an Antiquated Rune (Tier 3), this requires you to charge it (3x Tier 2 completions), and you definitely want to wait around to get a competent group + some capable randoms.


@ThatDoomThough are you in the destiny community on ps4? You can find people who are playing on there and join them


Feel free to add me I play regularly on the PS4, PSN ID: Sarathil I live on the west coast and am usually online any time from 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM PST. I am in the process of trying to put a raid team together for Tuesday and Thursday so if either night works for you let me know. I also have no problems playing with you and just having some genuine old fun if you can’t make the raid times :slight_smile:


Side note @Sarathil I can raid this Thursday night. And @ThatDoomThough you can ask me for help if I’m ever on. As long as I’m not busy.


@blinkbrac sounds good my man. I will be on around 6:30 PST so 9:30 est. I had a couple newer strats members mention they might be interested in trying to raid tonight. Lets see what we can make happen!


I do have a couple buddies from Betrayers of the light(my old clan) say they might help cause I was t sure if people would be able to tonight


Sounds good lets make it happen!