What's the deal with Biff?

Hello all,

A lot of you don’t know me because I have been rather silent lately but I am Biff and I helped start this little shindig. I haven’t been active much because as the moderators already know I had a little bit of a drinking problem after my deployment so I have been working on it. I noticed it became a problem when my performance in the Army started to lack and that is not me. I was usually a top notch NCO but over the last year I had started to be late to things and made myself look like a jackass in front of the lower enlisted a few times. Something had to change.

Proud to say I haven’t had a drink in two months and I have been lifting weights like crazy. Now when I think about drinking I really don’t even want to because it will ruin my workout progress. I have noticed I have been a lot more relaxed since I stopped and I am no longer a loose cannon with a short fuse.

I may continue to be somewhat silent for a little bit longer as I continue to work on my goal but in the future I will be back in full force and for the time being I am still very much a part of this community.

Thanks for all your support and Im proud to be part of this. Let’s just hope after all this weight training that I don’t start saying Brah all the time and wearing tapout shirts.


good for you man. self improvement is sometimes the hardest shit to take on, but it sounds like you’re doing great. now if i can only learn from you and figure out how to workout more too.

They say it takes 21 days to form a habit. I sucked it up for 21 days without missing a day even though I wanted to many times. Now it is a habit for me and I have to talk myself into sometimes taking a day off.

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That’s sounds great man. Alcohol has hurt many a great man. It sounds like your on a path now that you can be proud of.

I know very little about you, obviously even less about your problems. But I caution you to be careful about replacing one problem/addiction with another. Everything in moderation.

With that said, glad to see you back. Although I do miss that Christian Bale face.