What's up all you Guardians on the 360!


Another introduction thread for all of you. I am a 24 year old Mechanical Engineer currently living in New Jersey. I have been playing games since as long as I can remember. RPGs, FPSs, MMOs, you name it. Currently addicted to all things Destiny. Always looking to play with new people and complete the Raid (when time allows, course), so send an invite if you are ever looking for a group. Gaming time has gone down considerably since the college days. I now usually only get on between 10:30pm and 1am EST.

That’s about all I can think of at the moment. Pleased to be a part of this community!


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Hey @Raindropss, welcome. Unfortunately, I think our 360 groups are fairly underrepresented. Maybe this is your time to shine and build out an elite force of 360 Guardians to raid with. If there were any place to make that happen, it’s here!

@Raindropss fellow New Jersey-ian (Jersite?) here. Welcome!

Hi Raindropss! Welcome to Strats! What are some of your favorite RPG, FPS and MMO’s? Besides Destiny :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks @Vocino I will try my best to drum up some 360 Support!

@JohnOnTheRocks Hello fellow Jerseyan! Funny enough the reason I signed up on Strats was your melee only rumble gameplay that @Vocino posted on Reddit so great work!

@Nubhugs Hello! My favorite RPG of all time would have to be Knight of the Old Republic. Although every Pokemon game ever does come in at a close second. I have extensive time played on ever COD installment, but my favorite FPSs would have to be Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory and Command and Conquer: Renegade. MMO’s I currently play SWTOR on and off, although haven’t in the past month+ that Destiny has been out.


Lawl already getting site traffic from that video…


It’s going to be on Kotaku’s highlight reel tomorrow, too. @JohnOnTheRocks is eFamous.


Someone should contact TMZ!


Welcome to clan man! Be sure to poke around the website there is some great stuff here.

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Man Wolfenstein Enemy Territory… that brings back some memories. Nice list!

I could go on and on about the other games I play (and replay): Mass Effect, Fallout, etc etc. But Wolf is truly one of the best FPS’s of all time.


@Vocino I’ve never been more excited for anything


good to see another Jersey-ite on the site. and an engineer too! i’m a civil engineer, live out in hunterdon county.

welcome to Strats!

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Hello fellow Jerseyan and engineer! I am up in Bergen County.

I used to live up there in Ridgefield Park for about 12 years. I still work up there in South Hackensack. Right near Teterboro airport.

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