Whats Up Everybody!

My name is Colin and I am a college student who plays on all next gen consoles, though I primarily use the Xbox One. I enjoy Multiplayer RPG’s and competitive multiplayer games, I was invited by a friend I met in class to join and am looking forward to pairing up with you guys.

Welcome! What are you playing these days? What’s your major?

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Thanks! These days I have been playing Diablo 3, Minecraft, Battlefield 4, Destiny, and pretty much every game on the One that is worth playing. Im a double major in International Business and Engineering

Very nice! I’m a big fan of Minecraft, D3 and Destiny myself. Mostly Destiny these days though. Add me on XBL and we can do some Strikes/Missions this week: lazysback965. What’s your gamertag?

I’m a Computer Science graduate myself, so I feel your pain/enjoyment when it comes to Engineering. Hope you enjoy your time here!

Hi nice to meet you Colin! Welcome! That is a heck of a major, what about international business do you like? I’ve taken a few courses in international business. I think it’s fascinating just how drastically different cultures can be and how some businesses end up struggling because they don’t take enough time to do simple research on the market they are entering.

A belated “welcome aboard” mate :wink:

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