What's up from Nuevo Mexico!


Hey there! I’m Alicia and obviously new here. Stumbled on this from Reddit.

I mostly play PC (steam is freakin’ awesome), however, I do have a PS4 I occasionally play on. I play almost everything under the sun, FPS, Adventure, RPG, weird random indie games like Goat Simulator, puzzle games, strategy, you name it.

I’m 26 and I’ve been wanting/needing some people to play with on the regular, but not too regular since I have a life outside of gaming (like pretty much everyone here, I’m assuming).

Overwatch is my current obsession which stinks because the beta is closed and now I have to wait a couple weeks before I can play it again. I’m currently playing Rage to keep my mind off of it.

Feel free to add me on steam! (Anastria) Here’s battlenet if you are so inclined: Anastria#1820. I have already signed up on discord as Anastria as well. I’m looking forward to making some new friends!


Sounds like you pass the admittance test. Do you intend to play Overwatch on PC or PS4?

Welcome to Strats. I’ll add you on Steam and get you invited to our group.


Yay! Definitely PC. I find playing FPS a bit more difficult with a controller.


Welcome to the party! Given your love of Steam (praise Gaben) you should join the Steam group too; let us know if you have any questions or run into any issues :wink:


Welcome to Strats!


Will do! Thanks!


Welcome to the party! Cold beer should be in the fridge…


Thanks! Good thing I brought my own, just in case.


Even better, I like every spanish beer I’ve tried :smiley:


I have never like a spanish beer I’ve tried and I live in New Mexico! :stuck_out_tongue: I’m a fan stouts and ambers.


My bad, I thought Nuevo was a real place, I get it now hah. Nice, I do like a good breakfast stout myself.


Haha! It’s all good. I forget that English interspersed with Spanish words probably isn’t much of a thing most everywhere else. I love chocolate stouts. Yum.






Welcome to the party that is Strats!


Welcome to the cave! Have fun and go crazy!!! Let us know if you need anything.

I got rum and coke just in case!

if anyone tells you to not listen to me, ignore them!


Don’t listen to @xploz1on, I’m still not sure how he keeps getting out of the cellar :wink:


Welcome to the fam!


Am a Pirate, remember? With Ninja android like skills!


Welcome! You’ll find the :cake: and :tropical_drink: that way. :arrow_right:

I’m so confused by this statement. There’s life outside of gaming? Why has no one told me this? Might also explain why my wife doesn’t talk to me anymore…