What's your favorite eSports team and why?


I’ve been getting a bit more into eSports lately. I think the main problem with the team lineups is that there are no compelling reasons to cheer them on. At least, I can’t find those stories anywhere.

I would love to know the backstory of some players or teams.

Where is the Sportscenter or HBO Sports mini documentaries for eSports? Might be an opportunity in the market.


Usually cheer for Evil Geniuses in Dota 2, they were the team with the most American players. :stuck_out_tongue:

edit: and sweet name


I think the only eSports team I would be able to call my favorite would be whatever team (my life for) MadLife is playing for (so, currently Gold Coin United, I suppose). I used to watch a fair few of his CJ games; here’s a highlight reel from a few seasons back:

I used to main Support in League of Legends, and it’s still my favorite position even though I don’t play on the Rift anymore. I was drawn to him not only because he’s one of the best Supports in the world, but he also plays a lot of the champions I like (and plays them on a completely different level than anyone else).

My life for MadLife.
MadLife is god.


My favorite eSports team is Cloud 9, They quickly became my favorite through their League of Legends team as when they came on to the scene in Season 3 they dominated the LCS and remained relatively the same until Season 5, so by that point I was fan of the players. Through the next two season there were changes and most of the original roster is not present but I feel the new players are just as entertaining and talented as the predecessors and thus I remain a fan.

Other than Cloud 9, I’m also a fan of Flyquest a rather new League Team that has several of the veterans off Cloud 9’s classic roster so since I’m a fan of the players I’m a fan of the team.

Also if your looking to learn more about some players and the scene there.

  • The Documentry All Work All Play which can be found of Netflix and Steam (Also features Old School C9 so a plus)
  • Riot’s Drive and Duo Series which focus on the different players and what drives them
    Example Duo
    Example Drive
    *Also several Teams such as Cloud 9, Team Liquid, Team Solo Mid, and Flyquest run videos on their YouTube Channel that follows the players from week to week and I believe a few run these for teams besides League of Legends


Probably Cloud 9 just because of the Rocket League team they just picked up.

@Vocino - Missed the “and why” part.

So two of them, SquishyMuffinz (aka Squishy) and Tourment, are well known players in the Rocket League community but had never managed to qualify for RLCS league play (top 8 North America), or really done anything at any major tournaments.

RLCS and RL Bakcground
RLCS is by far the biggest and most prestigious tournament in Rocket League, and each season takes place over several months. The top 8 players from NA and the top 8 players from EU compete amongst themselves in league play, and then the top 6 teams from each reigon get to play in the World Championship tournament.
EU is considered the much stronger reigon. At major tournaments you’d generally see EU making up 7 of of the top 8 teams, and winning every major LAN over the past year (prior to July).

Dreamhack Atlanta 2017
So this past July, SquishyMuffinz, Tourment, and a relatively unknown player named Gimmick entered Dreamhack Atlanta 2017 as “The Muffin Men”, where they were considered boarderline to get into the top 16. During the tournament, not only did they 3-0 the consensus #1 team in North America, they also proceeded to beat out all the EU teams and win the whole tournament.

Since Dreamhack Atlanta
Immediately after their performance at Dreamhack they were picked up by Cloud 9, and are now considered in contention with 1 or 2 other teams for “best team in the world”. Also, Squishy is now considered to be the most mechanically skilled player in the world.

Why I Like Them

  1. Watching their perfomrance at Dreamhack was nothing short of amazing. Watching an essentially no-name team beat out all of the world’s best teams generated some serious fanboyism in me.

  2. With EU having dominated Rocket League for a long time, Cloud 9 was only the 2nd North American team to not only win a major tournament, but show they can compete with the top EU teams on a consistent basis.

  3. The mechanical talent of Squishy makes for some incredibly exciting plays… He was also the player to pioneer ‘ceiling shots’ in competitive play, which are now being seen more and more with each tournament.

This weekend they’re playing in the first e-sports tournament broadcast on a major TV network.


I’ve spent a few days considering this topic.

I do not believe I could match a single esports gamer to their correct team. I really don’t even know many of the team names.

I like to watch matches of various games (League, Overwatch, PUBG) but I usually watch individual players, not teams nor tournaments.

For Overwatch in particular, the tournaments seem so stale to me. Usually 4 of the 6 characters on each Overwatch team are the same character, regardless of game mode played. That is quite boring for me.

I agree that there isn’t much reason to cheer for an individual team. Maybe if I could be in the arena watching them it might be different.

Bottom line - It’s time to get a new Strats esports team. :ninjaneer:


I agree @teh_ninjaneer. What I’d love is to know more. I want to be like “I’m rooting for Team X because they’re all from California” at least. Or maybe even “I’m rooting for whatever team Player Y is on because I relate to him because of Z.”

I just know nothing about them and it doesn’t seem like there’s much of a market for that yet. Maybe no one else is interested? Maybe there’s a huge hole and I should start a podcast.


Some of the information is out there, but you have to go and seek it out; it’s not like regular sports yet where it’s being broadcast on major networks or has dedicated television channels for it (i.e., I linked to MadLife’s player profile which contains a lot of information about him; the site has tons of content regarding professional League of Legends players, teams, competitions, etc.).