What's your favorite role?

Just got the game, so I haven’t tried everything. What is your favorite role?

Trapper, pretty good at it

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I’m trying it now.

My fav is Griffin

I’m liking support the most. Bucket being favorite, especially if have a trapper other than Maggie/Daisy.
Parnell is fun though in assault. Super Soldier plus shotgun to the face :sunglasses:

I’m a Support guy as well. I am really enjoying my time as Cabot. My monster skills aren’t the best though…

Yea I suck at monster too. Don’t think I’ve won a multiplayer one as monster yet. I haven’t tried wraith since I just unlocked it.

Wraith is pretty bad ass

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Really? I really do enjoy the trapper, but Griffin was really underwhelming to me, so hard to land that harpoon, and then you are pretty much guarenteed to not put out any damage.

Abe is a lot of fun, but I love Maggie’s harpoon traps.

Are you sneaking enough? Aside from not leaving tracks, you can pin down mobs without taking damage (those electro-birds for instance).

As long as abe/bucket/cabot don’t tag you, you can be in almost plain sight an hunters will be oblivious (see any of the bush-hiding videos).

So a lot of juking, quick kills/eating, and knowing who to target does a long way.

I have nearly wiped the team out at stage 1, and typically only lose on the Evac maps (as Goliath)

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His sound spikes are amazing though, you can cut off a whole half of a map with just 3 or 4. And idk I’m pretty good shot with the harpoon, but you only really need it when the thunderdome is about to go down, so you can do damage in the meantime.


I’ve won one game as Goliath: I ran around like crazy when trapped and then beat them at the very end. It was a well earned victory, in my opinion.

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@PittInjury I didn’t know you had the game! We should team up soon!

I really like playing the medic, Caira being my favorite character in the game. I’ve also developed a deep love for the support class, but most people take it so I’m fine with being the medic. It’s stressful but very rewarding.

@uhohs you’ve got a lot of great monster tips, have you been playing the Monster role a lot? I am finding I use sneak more and more for the tracks reason. So much to the point where I feel I’m almost sneaking too much and getting caught (always looking for the speed boost elite)

I haven’t been on PSN all week and I’d like to set up some matches Friday night if people are interested. Even if it’s just four of us playing against a matched up Monster.


Medic - Caira and Trapper - Maggie. Pretty much just those two!

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Hopefully I can get on Friday night too.

Depending on who the Trapper is, you could actually be sneaking too much. If it’s Maggie/Daisy after you, you really need to be switching in and out of stealth often, trying to leave false trails.

Seems like if you’re constantly sneaking, the Daisy AI will get frustrated and cheat its way to you.

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I thought the Daisy AI just derps out and follows Maggie if it can’t find the Monster. It just changes animation to a nose down, sniffing animation when you are close. As if your smell changes when your center of gravity is lower.

At low levels, you’d be surprised the usefulness of bushes. I’ve had a few games where I’ve stayed still in stealth inside a bush as a level 1 monster and the tunnel vision hunters just blasted past me to “catch up”. I just went the complete other way and put as much distance as I could.

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I won as a monster last night. It’s all about escaping and fighting on your own terms.


The jukes are great, and fairly easy to pull off. Daisy can throw a wrench into that, but give the hunters a reason to think you went one way they will often ignore her, if only temporarily. Daisy will not exceed something like 30 meters/feet from maggie, so you can usually get them mixed up.

Its also important to use the environment hazards as the monster (which is why I love Evac mode). Evolve, eat, or startle birds near a megamouth or croc and get a free incap.

I’m down for Friday. id like to see what Drizz can do with Griffin!

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Oh man now the pressures on, let the record show that right now I have only lost 2 games as griffin.