What's your favorite story in gaming? Why?


I’ll type up mine later, but I’m curious.

(Plus Vocino straight up called me out for posting this on FB but not strats.)



Seriously, I would list either the Space Quest series or Quest for Glory series (both 80s-90s Sierra games). More recently, I thought the story of Titanfall 2 was pretty good for a primarily multiplayer shooter.

  1. Mass Effect
  2. Shadowrun

This is going to sound like a joke considering the latest release but Mass Effect. I love sci-fi and the original story grabbed me with its diversity, music, setting, overall experience. At the time it was like nothing I had played.

Second runner up is Shadowrun for SNES.


The Last of Us

Hands down.

The Last of Us is the best game I have ever played, and the entire reason for that is the story.
The mechanics are good, the combat is fun, but it’s nothing groundbreaking.
But the story! It grabs you, it gets you invested and makes you actually care about the characters and what they are going through.

It is one of the few, if not the only, linear games I’ve played where I didn’t want to go off and explore a random area because I was too invested in the story. I didn’t have time to muck about, I had to find out what would happen next!


Uncharted Series
I might come back and change this, but right now this is what comes to mind, I’ve had uncharted 4 sitting unplayed since it released though. Rachel likes to watch me play that one and we just haven’t had the time to sit and play that much.


It was super short but the storytelling was amazing. Finished teh game in one sitting because I couldn’t put it down and I’m hoping they make another one, and hopefully longer.


Oh yea, that kept me playing till I finished too! Great game


For me these games were just too linear. The story is good but I want a different experience than watching a movie I can occasionally play.


This is definitely up there; it’s one of the few games that really got to me emotionally.

I think the story that most sticks out for me is the original Guild Wars story. Every game/expansion got better at storytelling, and it built well upon previous material (Eye of the North, the final expansion, was fucking amazing). I enjoyed it so much and was so hyped for Guild Wars 2 I actually bought both books they released, which were set (and came out) between the final expansion for GW1 and the release of GW2. No other game has managed to get me to spend money like that because I wanted more lore.

GW2’s story wasn’t bad by any stretch, but it didn’t get me the same way the original did for some reason; both games are worth a play if you haven’t tried them (pay-once-to-play MMO’s).


yea, I can’t get super vested in games with lots of choice though, it’s just not immersive enough. Every game that introduces lots of branches always gets watered down in my opinion, I think stories are much better when they are specially crafted.



drops mic

EDIT: why? i mean cmon…Michael, Franklin and my personal favorite…Trevor!! thats the hat trick!!


Red dead redemption.


So great!


Stronk ending there.

Shit made me cry after a few minutes of playing! Story was freaking epic!

For me is The Last of Us


LoZ Oot, yep.


Knigts of the Old Republic

No question.

The Old Republic story line and Star Wars lore created by BioWare is simply brilliant. I was never super into Star Wars until I played that game.


Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions, for me. I’m a huge theatre geek, and seeing this already-excellent story translated into proper Shakespearean drama was just massive. The character arcs are beautiful, sometimes subtle and sometimes more overt, and while the game has its fair share of hand-wringing villains for the most part every character has something they genuinely want for good reasons in the story. (I maintain the Wiegraf Folles is the best villain in Final Fantasy.)


I have to agree here. KoTOR is hands down one of my favorite games ever. The story was amazing, the gameplay was amazing and it kept me interested the ENTIRE time. If they ever remaster another game it needs to be this


Journey. It’s really cool, and the fact that they were able to weave a story for my character without any dialogue at all is immensely commendable.


I’m with @Artorias on this one. Tactics had me guessing at every turn and I still didn’t see the end coming. Jaw dropper.