What's your go-to gaming beverage?


I like to make myself a simple (-ish) Old Fashioned. Otherwise I go with an Anchor Steam if I’m feeling lazy.

Drunk gaming every night all night

Milo’s Sweet Tea or Mtn Dew.

In-between games I chew some Juicy Fruit.



I can’t have caffeine after noon or I won’t sleep, and I try to avoid drinking my calories aside from actual meals, so simple cold filtered water for me.


I don’t really have a drink anymore…but back in the day!


Normally Soda Water + Lime

Or if I’m doing dungeons with @Auth and @W1thl0v3 it’s Rye/Diet


who is this @W1thl0v3 person you speak of




Holy shit, @skidoLLaZ, the throwback. I used to attend a monthly LAN back in the early 2000’s that was sponsored by Bawls. There’s only one store around me anymore that still carries it (Fry’s Electronics), and every time I go there I snag a bottle or two.


Water or some tea.


I didn’t realize Fry’s had them…haven’t had them in years!!! Might have to order them off of Amazon or next time I am at Fry’s.


Sad to say I had to look up Anchor Steam and not Old Fashioned.

Depending, I go between cold filtered water, green tea or a craft brewed amber, brown or dark ale.


http://shop.bawls.com/ also works :wink:


Salty tears


@Auth…they have ginger aleeee! I gotta try this, haha.





If it’s not whatever craft beer I have in the fridge, then I keep it simple - cranberry juice & ginger ale. I go all out. All freaking out.


Ice cold water, monster zero/rehab, jack & coke


If I could like this more than once, I would…