What's your hardware's name?

This discussion kicked off in #gear on Discord, but I’m now genuinely curious who has named their assorted computers/phones/etc. what. My gear all used to follow a naming convention focused on Natural Selection 2; I had Bobbler (cell phone), Movement Chamber (external HDD), Skulk (laptop), Onos (gaming rig), Fade (a different gaming rig), and Lerker (a different laptop) over the years. There are some lingering bits from this theme still kicking around, but presently my main gaming rig is Sonic-Rainboom.

So, what did you name your rig?


It’s called 'puter.

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I chose to go with a Spaceballs theme for pretty much every piece of electronic equipment I own.

Desktop = MrDesktop
Laptop = MrLappy
Phone = MrCellular
Home Theatre System = MrAudio
Bluetooth Speaker = MrSpeaker
WiFi = MrWiFi


When I built my gaming rig (like 8 years ago) I named it Monster because compared to the other 5 or 6 computers on my home network, it was a beast. With only a modest GPU upgrade since then, it’s hardly a monster anymore but it still has the name.

I have some parts stacking up for the next build but still no name in mind yet.

My cars also always have names.

My 2011 Hyundai Sonata 2.0Turbo Limited was named Sharky because it has a shark finned antenna and just resembled a shark.

My 2015 Hyundai Sonata Limited was named Sharky 2.0 for reasons.

My current ride, 2017 Honda Civic Hatchback, Sport Touring is named Foxy Roxy (full of Moxy). I’m not really sure. I think my wife said she just looked like a Roxy.


All of the hardware/network nodes in my house are named after Star Wars planets:

  • Deathstar: gaming pc
  • Alderaan: son’s computer
  • Naboo: living room router
  • Hoth: bedroom router
  • Bespin: macbook pro

My car’s name is Luinel.

Is it because you plan to destroy it, or you think he will?

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So I’m gonna be like super
Weird here but here we go.
Cellphone: phone.
Car: car.
And actually now thinking about it when I did set up my pc its nick is Rarity
And my girls PC is Harmony.
But other then that it’s just computer.

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Exactly. It’s only a matter of time before he blows it up.

I always call my hardware by the name I’ve given it following a convention. Some computers I actually memorized the default name like DESKTOP-HJ8UYK3, for my servers I call them fs001, gs001, gs002, ms001, etc. All other devices are pretty much universally named “This f**kin thing” XD

interesting, I’ve named instruments and vehicles but never thought to name my computers. If I ever change it to something it’s like “workstation” or “gaming desktop” or something lame like that… I have a new mission.

Gaming rig = Annie.

Laptop = Annie’s boobs.

Hypervisor = Greendale.


Solid reference.


Can i search for that reference on my work computer?

The reference is SFW, but searching “Annie’s Boobs” may not be.

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Ahhh, how I miss that show

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My PC’s name is Vetinari.

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Mine are named after locations in LOTR:

Orodruin - Desktop
Edoras - Laptop
Moria - Tablet
Durthang - Phone