What's Your Role?



So ArcheAge looks to be a very big game, where players can take on a role they want to play. From pirates to traders, assassins to warriors, thieves and farmers, it all looks quite awesome. So while people already are asking about what class you might want to play. I’m more interested in the role-play part of the game. Being a trader with my own boat sounds fun, but how would I protect it? I’d have to hire mercenaries or get some buds on with good gear. I’m starting to think I’d like to be more of a Firrian mercenary. So my question is what do YOU guys want to play as? And if you’ve already decided on a race make sure you include that too! ^^


I literally always main the “mage”. Whatever that is in this game im playing.


I am more of the big warrior guy but sometimes i like to get stealthy, which in archeage i can! With 120 different class combinations you can just literally make whatever class you want, it’s amazing!


Do they have a traditional a MMO style type of group comps? Like you’ll need a tank and a healer?


I’ve read up on a lot of classes and I think I’ll be playing a Tomb Warden, as I really like to play support classes. Not 100% sure which race I’ll play, suspect I’ll be a Firran though :slight_smile:


I saw a pretty interesting build that mixed heavy-damage fire magic with stealth abilities; like a mage who can hide in shadows, and blink to other allies. it looked really fun, so I might try it out.


I’m hoping for a battlemage of sorts with a dash of support


Being a trader would be interesting, but I also share the concern of protecting my loot! Perhaps you can hire folks to caravan you around?


Yeah there will be players set who primarily play as mercenaries for hire, who can protect your donkey, caravan, or merchant ship from bandits! How cool is that?


I’ve seen lots of the video’s about the game but one thing I’ve never come across is any information about what I’m interested in. I understand you can trade and the economy is player based/changeable but I wondered whether it was possible to become a Weaponsmith/Armoursmith etc. and own a shop? Can anyone confirm/deny this? Cheers! :smile:


I’ll probably play the “Big tanky guy,” unless there’s a “KILL IT WITH A GIANTY AXE!” damage option. I can definitely see myself working as a mercenary, preferably a noble bodyguard or something along those lines.