Wheatums has successfully shared the hell out of your forum posts and won The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt!


Thank @Wheatums for all the views that your carefully written posts received. He sent 2,432 views to 19 different threads.

Be on the lookout for the next share-a-thon contest! It’s a rolling 30 day count so get your links out there now so that you’ll be ready next time and already receiving traffic.

Continuing the discussion from Share Strats posts, win The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt!:

Hi, I'm ATXAquaman

Thank you, I had fun sharing over at the Reddits!



congrats man!!! i have the game pre loaded on my pc so ill be playing it too!


Congrats @Wheatums!


congrats @Wheatums :slight_smile:


Thank you all!

@Droul I’ll see you there… well, if this has multiplayer.


Nah it doesn’t. 100 hours of single player is enough for you :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


True that! Looking for a xpadder profile for The Witcher 1 now. Gonna see if I can rock through em’ all.


Also, I see that @Wheatums gets a game, which is great. But where is his Golden Dickbutt award to accompany it


For future use, thank you @shane


Awesome job bud! Congrats on the won. I missed the fact this was even going on, haha.


Dude it’s been pinned, bumped, and I brought it up at the weekly meeting. :dickbutt:


Lol, ya I overlooked it. I don’t doubt you’ve posted it, but I’ve been busy past few weeks, and only poke on here to check out a few posts and generally don’t have time to look into the weekly meetings, etc. Dunno how I missed the pinned topic, but no biggy. Not like I would have beat @Wheatums haha


Congrats @Wheatums
Have fun playing the game :blush:


Nice job mate! Killed it!


Congrats @Wheatums! Awesome job!


Congratulations, Wheatums. :smiley: Happy for your win, sir.