When cool words lose their meaning


Ok guys, so lemme explain a little here.

Most people asked me how I came up with my name “InvaderDoom” and it’s always a question I typically have a hard time answering because let’s face it, it’s the Internet.

But my name comes from my love of Invader Zim, and the last part…well, it’s literally my last name. Yes, believe it or not Doom is my last name.

It sucks, it’s not really that cool most of the time, people always look at my last name and say “awww man your last name rocks!” and I’m always just like “meh”.

I mean seriously, Doom is an awesome word in and of itself. You literally see it everywhere and hear it everywhere, but it means nothing to me anymore since I live it everyday.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s still a kickass name and I love it, but Holy crap is it hard to explain to people. I’ve literally had people get creeped out before because I go somewhere and show my ID on Friday the 13th or something XD

So let’s hear em guys, anyone have any awesome words that have lost their meaning? Am I the only one who experiences this? Let’s hear it!


The word “Unwise” got old fast for me. I use to go by “UnwiseDeadkilla” and a lot of people would joke around and be like “That’s… Unwise of you.” And “You’re so Unwise” It’s like come on! But I’ve managed to wiggle my way out of the name and into AiKiller!


I hear you, my last name is Angell. Got tired of the Angel jokes a long time ago. The most annoying is when people can’t pronounce my name. They think “there’s no way it’s pronounced Angel” so they usually say angle or put a hispanic accent on it.


I hear you on that, my last name is Wares. I get called Mr. Jaurez all the damn time. People looking right in my pasty white face pronounce my name Jaurez.


Well I’m glad im not alone @Biff_Tannen! It kind of feels that way sometimes so I figured I would share and see if anyone else had that problem. What’s worse is that people think that my name can’t possibly be “Doom” so they say stupid things like “is Mr. Dumb there?” like really?

Another thing that absolutely sucks is I have to watch out for copyright, because I wanted to do a webseries kind of thing awhile ago and I was going to call it “Doom news”. So naturally being the worried person I was I contacted ID(creator of the Doom series) and they told me that they would “prefer I not use the name as it would cause conflict of interest and actions could be taken against me if it gained enough attention.”

Like seriously, I should be suing those guys for using my last name and turning the word into a gory nightmare. Lololol


To add onto this… With my name being “Dusty” the jokes got old real fast and everyone always thinks my name can’t be Dusty and it has to be Dustin and the endless jokes are just so unreal. lol


My wife’s name is Dusty, trust me some people just look at me like are you gay? No, her name is Dusty Nicole and she is a woman. It really gets annoying when the bank or some other business sends us mail and its titled Mr. Dusty Nicole … Drives me crazy. But that’s life. Also I don’t call her Dusty, she is Nicole to me and everyone but co-workers. Keeps them out of the “circle of trust”. :smile:


Not to add to the jokes either but you definitely need to get your PHD. Not everyone has the chance to become Dr Doom.


Trust me @Biff_Tannen I’ve gotten that a lot! I actually have an Uncle who is a Chiropractor so he’s Dr. Doom. lol check this out

That’s a testimonial from one of my uncles patients and I always find these videos hilarious. “I’ve been a patient of Dr. Doom’s for a while now” bahahaha