When crafting mines goes wrong



Where all that Nether Quartz came from



My boy is obsessed with Minecraft. It started on the 360 and then he installed it on every Apple mobile device in the house (multiple iPads, wife’s phone, etc).

Yesterday, within 2 hours of setting up my PS4, I walked into the room to see Minecraft downloading. I walked out for just a few minutes and he took complete advantage of the situation.

He’s 2 years old.

My credit card info has now been deleted from the system. I will rely on wallet cards from Walmart or else enter/delete my info for each purchase.

But he’s a happy child now. One more device with Minecraft available.


How do I access the strats minecraft server?


Here is the [link][1]. I think @GuardianX ended up hosting one.
[1]: http://forum.strats.co/t/minecraft-server/2127


That is a hell of a hole you dropped down into. Love the reaction by the way.


How do I install one of these fancy mod packs?


Go to Here. Download the launcher. Run the launcher. The mod packs available will be under 1 of 2 tabs. There is a tab labeled Mods and another labeled something like 3rd Party Packs. The Mod tabs are packs that are supported by the Feed the Beast team while the 3rd Party ones aren’t. Feed the Beast Packs require a great deal of RAM and there should be a tab that will allow you to change your ram settings. I have mine set to 2 gig and that works fine. Other than that sellect what mod pack you want to play, I’m currently playing the Monster Mod Pack v 1.1.1, launch the game and enjoy. Hope this helps.