When Fans Take Their Love For Twitch Streamers Too Far



Interesting article this morning. I’ve posted a Youtube video of Ellohime before. I wonder if the two are related.

Edit - Just looked at the timing of Ellohime’s event and his Youtube talk. Seems Youtube happened about 2 months after the events in the article.


This is a very serious matter. You have Twitch viewers who refer to the streamer as “dad”, always use we when talking about gaming things (Last night I saw someone ask in summit1g’s stream Hey chat, are we getting better at League yet?)

Internet personalities are different than famous actors. It is much easier to relate to a streamer. You can be that guy because you play games too. He isn’t some actor who you see in a movie once or twice a year. He’s a guy just playing video games every day.


Holy shit.


Stalkers aren’t new. What’s new is that video game streaming personalities have risen to the point of stalker-worthy.

Due to the nature of being able to get into streaming so easily, there’s probably an element of people become celebrities who are ill-prepared for the costs and just plain work that goes into investing in your safety. It can be very expensive both in time and money.

I have a friend who picked up a stalker after giving a TED Talk. She had to hire security because the guy showed up at her house regularly. Previous to that, she was very open with writing articles, speaking appearances, etc. because you feel like “who would want to stalk me? I’m talking about AI not a singer or performer.”

Internet fame makes people very accessible and approachable.


Wow, that’s pretty insane. I can’t imagine having that happen to me.


Stalkers are easy enough to pick up without streaming, can’t imagine the crazies that latch on to the girls that flaunt their big… gaming sessions for tips and gifts. I’ve had a couple of stalkers that would leave stuff at my front door back in college… the thought that someone (that you don’t know or don’t want to know) is specifically thinking about where you are and what your doing is quite unsettling.


This has honestly been the scariest part of streaming for me. I intentionally wear higher cut shirts most of the time because I don’t want people coming to my stream just to stare at my chest. I also keep my location vague and hope that no one tries to look into it further.


Read this today and agree its bonkers. I think one aspect that perhaps wasn’t discussed is what (if any) mental health issues a viewer has that might drive them to become a stalker. I don’t believe it’s a black/white issue or discussion but something worth looking at.

Additionally I’d be curious what twitch/YouTube can do to help protect streamers/creators.


This sounds horrible, but do you think Twitch got more or less traffic after this happened? My guess, and this is horrible, but my guess is they may flash warnings at the start of a session to not share info and put warnings in the EULA stuff to keep them safe legally, but they won’t take any real measures to keep that kind of thing from happening. First thing I did after hearing about it was go look for this guy’s channel, and as soon as I got on twitch I realized what I did. And I already know what twitch is, there are people who are much more curious than I am. It’s called an ethical dilemma, more and more companies are ignoring them these days.


I know (rather believe) these companies see their streamers less as employees and mainly a source of revenue. I honestly can’t say I’ve ever seen any sort of warnings of how to stay safe, but I’m curious if this story will change that.


On the one hand, I would be majorly concerned if some random stranger rocked up to my flat and wanted to stay the night, but on the other hand this fan seems like he’s in a pretty bad place mentally and could do with some help.

Also, doesn’t Twitch have some sort of responsability to its users?


In theory, all companies have a responsibility to the owners, the employees, and the community. Legally, however, so long as they cover their bases, the fiscal responsibility to the owners and employees tends to trump the ethical responsibility to the community.


Ouch. Here’s hoping this story might change that before someone gets hurt or worse…