When map-making gets hard



This hot mess does stuff. Sorta. Hopefully it will translate to this weekend’s event :wink:


Are you recording the events spectate mode? We should put them on the YouTube channel.


People love minecraft and they love these event games.


And they love @Auth.


I have streamed the previous 2 events from pseudo-spectate but not recorded them. I might look at doing this in the near future, but I’m still trying at optimizing the build process/final product so it doesn’t require op interaction; currently all the builds require it, but I have a working concept from last night (the above picture) to remove the need. Spectator recording would also means I’d never be able to play in them :cry:

Maybe you could record them, @Vocino, since you don’t seem to want to play them :wink:


Yeah I could do that.


The only reason I haven’t played yet is we’ve always had an odd number and I’m content to sit out and spectate record the glory, watching everyone enjoy the fruits of my labor, but one of these days we’ll get an even number :wink: