When playing a single player game with different difficulty levels, which one do you choose and why?


  • Easy
  • Normal
  • Hard
  • Extreme

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Let’s assume this is the first playthrough. Explain your reasoning.


I go with the normal difficulty.

I’m usually playing just to experience the story or the game itself, not for any achievements or bragging rights. So I play the Nvidia way just to get through the game.


Cause i suck at most single player games, especially when I’ve never played it before.


I usually attempt to do Extreme (or whatever the hardest is) first. If I can manage it, it’s nice to get the trophy on the first playthrough. Unfortunately, a lot of times I end up bumping it down though.


Lulz, this crossed my mind not that long ago. Depends on the game and amount of time I’ve got. Normal or Hard usually to lengthen the time and knock out some trophies/achievements. Though if I’m short on time, I’ll play easy just to experience the story.


I always roll normal on the first play through & haven’t really given it much thought than that. I think in the moment, I expect myself to first experience the game and then in turn, see how bad ass I’ve become on the second go through.

The problem is, I never experience that second go through.


I usually just play on “normal” to see the game as it’s tuned by the game studio. I’m kind of a game tourist these days, with a short attention span. It’s pretty rare that a game will pull me through to the end. If I really like the feel of a game’s mechanics, I might replay on a more difficult level to see how the mechanics change. I played through Bioshock Infinite and the first Tomb Raider reboot three times each, comparing the mechanics between them.

Generally though I’m not a fan of hard for the sake of hard, or if hard comes down to hoard-style difficult changes or super-twitchy reflexes. I’m pushing myself though on Rainbow Six Siege when playing PVE, playing lone wolf on HARD and REALISTIC and dying a lot to force myself to think through room clearing strategies more quickly. This won’t really help me in REAL Multiplayer (which still scares me), but it at least hones my input speed and precision.


Highest difficulty, every time. I very rarely, if at all, play single player games these days, but when I did previously, I could never see myself replaying them (there have been single-digit exceptions in my life), so I always look for the biggest challenge the devs thought we consumers could handle. Yes, I played Gounded difficulty when I played TLoU:Re (never bought the original); it was brutal.


I go with the highest difficulty…I want to get all the achievements (if they offer achievements for beating on higher difficulty), want the campaign to last longer, and I most likely won’t come back and beat the game a 2nd time.


That really depends on the game. If I played the previous one or its a RTS I go for Hard.

If it is a “new” game or I just want to experience the story I go for Normal.


Well, most games will now force you to play Normal to unlock Hard and so on… Not all but most.

I usually play in the hardest available difficulty so i get the most out of the game and also to be able to play it a bit more.[quote=“skidoLLaZ, post:9, topic:11521”]
want the campaign to last longer


Games that do this piss me straight off. Don’t tell me how to live my life, devs; I can beat your silly game on the highest difficulty you provide us consumers :wink:


Idk if they are trying to get replay value or if they think us elite soldiers can’t beat their game on highest difficulty!


Bring it on, devs :wink:


My squad is ready!


I haz skillz 4 dayz!


Prepare for battle, men…


I normally go for the hardest difficulty, so I can get all the achievements and stuff first go.


Pretty much always do normal first, play the game how it was intended and developed for. Then, if the game is actually worth a damn, and a repeat, I go back and play the hardest difficulty. If I stay with it enough to beat that difficulty it was a good game.


Normal, always. I would like to play games on hard difficulty first (because I’m pretty good at most games) but there’s a few shortcomings that I always run into with that.

  1. Pacing is made for a normal settings run. The devs spend hours and hours just on pacing for the game and when you go straight to hard, it always feels sluggish. No, it’s not because I’m just bad at the game, it’s because 30 enemies that take 3 headshots each when you’re given 50 rounds for that area is the exact opposite of pacing. Diablo, in my opinion, went the other route, I blew through the main game unable to play on hard like it was nothing, then there are like 9000 more levels of difficulty to play through for more gear and stuff, that didn’t interest me much.

  2. Poorly conceived increase in difficulty. Most devs are lazy when it comes to difficulty increasing, they just make baddies harder or give you less health or less ammo, whatever. Some games, like Thief (slightly disappointed in overall btw) have interesting “difficulty” settings, you basically play the way you want and make it as difficult as you want. I wish that were a little more common.

  3. Rewards mainly consist of pride and online achievements which are only meaningful to people hunting game trophies. I’m not one of those. At least put a noticeably larger amount of content in for those playing harder difficulty, that might entice me to jump to “hardcore” because replay is normally something I don’t do no matter how easy or hard it was. Except Borderlands 2… that was fun all the way until halfway through the 3rd time, then it’s next to impossible to level up.

Personally, I think “difficulty” settings are the worst thing to linger in the video game industry. Saw this video the other day about Resident Evil 4’s dynamic settings change. I still think a game should just be made a certain way and left alone (like soul’s games) but if you are going to do it, this is a reasonably unobtrusive way. Like he says, flow is much more important to me than just saying I can beat it on uber hate mode.

I think there should be other types of settings that allow the player to have a different experience. Like casual shouldn’t be just easy, it should be a setting that automatically adds hand holding and tutorials and basically just all the nonsense crap that people expect nowadays because devs have become so bad at design that they have trained players not to use their brains. Then something like a hardcore gamer setting that displays toggleable stats, numbers, bars and everything you want in a mod for a game to help you be the absolute best at everything you do. Then, my personal favorite, would be an immersive setting. This setting would force you to use visual (animation) and audible cues for learning how the mechanics work, unfortunately this only works with exceptional game design. I just love well thought out` games that you can play without the need for a bunch of UI and/or hand holding.

Well, that was a tangent… sorry. I play on normal first and usually only.