When should we deprecate mumble?


So now the Discord is rocking user trust levels and the permissions to go with it, thus can pretty much police itself and support voice chat, when should we deprecate Mumble?



I’ve been checking into Mumble periodically over the last couple weeks since we pushed Discord voice chat live and haven’t seen a soul in there, so I think we bring it down before we pay any more money for it.


The billing cycle is coming up so I was going to kill it today, if that’s ok. If we find the need for a mumble server again, it’s easy enough to spool up.


I think that’s fine; get it before we take another ding to the budget. I’m in the process of reworking the new user PM to reflect that change along with a few other things; I’ll have that to you later today CDT so you can update it for new users joining :wink:


I’m interested to see where these Mumble funds will now be directed.


I vote peanut M&Ms


Why not peanut butter M&M’s? Seriously, the serving size for those is whatever size the bag is :wink:


LoL you say that as if we are net positive and are pivoting the mumble funds.


I didn’t realize you handled Strats’ finances.


It was talked about before, maybe you weren’t a part of the conversation.


Right now they’re being used for a server of the same size (512MB) that runs the new stuff we just built, discord auth, bot, etc. Mumble was its own server so if we deprecate it we will be back to a better place in terms of monthly finances.

Amazon referrals have been down due to not a lot of gear threads but other than that we are in an ok spot currently.


I’ve failed badly here. I’ve ordered a lot of stuff from Amazon this year and did not use the link.


Strats is finally out of the red or is it a case of just less red now?



Depends on Amazon referrals month to month. With the addition of Patreon (thank you Patrons!), we use that as the baseline (currently $28 per month) and then Amazon is extra that we can use to give stuff away or do extra things for the community.

(Note that last month we bought @Zniri a game with the funds)


Nice, I wasn’t aware that strats was nearing self-sufficiency!

Would be cool to do a “reddit gold” thing (in regards to following server costs) for members+ so that people can be proactive.


As in allow people to gift patron status to other people?


More of a transparency of costs thing, let people who are regular (in terms of frequency, not trust level) users here see the status of funding for a given time frame (in reddits case, month to month) so people know whats going on financially with strats.

I think it could help a couple ways:

  • It answers the questions relating to monetary usage and direction.

  • Could help with donations on a given month that may be a little light.

The flip side is that leadership could be hounded to do things with “excess” and people may feel like it is begging. I think both issues are pretty minor when compared with the benefit of having transparency.


I retract my question about the Mumble funds. I didn’t realize it would go this far.

Hopefully the money will go toward peanut M&Ms.


@GuardianX each tier of the goals on https://www.patreon.com/stratsco shows what that goal pays for.