Where are all my friends?



Seems like the average server population has been going down, of late…

All I have to say to you is this:

PreshusKitty wants YOU to join us on the STRATS Minecraft server!

(or I will stab you with my diamond sword)



Well, I’m out of town and coding mad Strats stuff in my spare time. I’m in Mumble right now with @Droul and @MilezOnWheelz though.


Please don’t… I swear weekend are the only time with my fiance… I’ll leave her, if that’s what you require… Just don’t kill me :fearful:


Okay. Wait. That shirt is everythingggg! I didn’t know Strats made tees.

Where can I buy?! Take my money, already! -throws it up dramatically-

Another Strats Shirt(?)

We had them on Teespring around October to celebrate. We tried again in November with a different design but didn’t get the required amount sold :frowning: I missed out on this one and to this day kick myself for not getting it. I’ll line up with you next time to get the next Strats merch though!

Also, Kitty i can see right through this post. You just wanted to show off your sword!

Another Strats Shirt(?)

FTFY :wink:


Actually it is @Auth’s; I helped my mommy pick it out for him for christmas.





Too slow :wink:


Me too!
More STRATS merch plzkthxbye!

Another Strats Shirt(?)

:x how could you just take Auth’s stuff? you…you…criminal…


I gave it back D:
AND I didn’t even stab him with it. What a good wifey I am :3


I have homework and apparently I’m useful as I am working a campaign and been elected VP of our local library board.

There’s really not enough bourbon in the house…


I don’t know what minecraft is.


As his wife I’m pretty sure all of his stuff is automatically yours anyway. Pretty sure that’s how it works.


This guy knows :wink:


And I am a cat so basically:
What’s yours is mine, what’s mine is mine, that stuff over there, I touched it, it’s mine. And that. Over there. I looked at it, it is mine. =^_^= Meow.


If Auth annoys you do you barf a hairball on his clothes?


No, if he annoys me I bite him >:3