Where did you all go



I tend to be like half or 1/3 of the guilds representation online anymore and it really confuses me when we had about 30ish people at launch.


How is Wildstar’s population overall?


probably about 60% of launch


I think we should brainstorm recruitment across all channels actually. Any ideas?


Auth is handling recruitment but he has been gone all weekend on a trip…he handles redditt and spams most zones with our recruitment posts. he picked up 6 people last week alone so i would say recruitment is going fairly well. I have been busy over the weekend as well with family and other things but i check in wildstar daily. i have also noticed people on mumble but not in wildstar playing other games…so that could be where people are. i know i played Destiny and have been playing my new ps4 over the weekend too.


I think recruitment is is only one step in a chain of events that equate to the community we are all striving for. I belive there are 4 major steps in that chain:

  1. Recruitment
  2. Contribution
  3. Retention
  4. Perpetuation

I could make an argument to how each of these is the most important, but to be completly honest if you are missing one the whole process can fail.

I think we have a good recruitment process, between twitter, facebook and cross-posts, our name is getting out. It just has to be done a lot more. This is tied directly to the perpetuation step; when the members increase the tweets and posts and links it will spur the attentions of their personal networks.

Content and contribution has to be the connecting link in the chain. We have to have good content to recruit, retain and refer.

Focus attention on getting the members to generate and or post good content and the recruiting problem will be solved.


I just think a lot of the initial people who joined for WS were mislead. I was told there was gonna be a hardcore progression team and that was the main reason I joined. Though what got me to stay was the overall community and coming to like everyone a lot.
The fact that we have been a lot more transparent with our guild’s status when recruiting is also a bonus.
I also would like to see maybe a little update from the officers after some of the officer meetings, because often enough the rest of us are kept in the dark about what’s going on with the guild as a whole. Idk Just brainstorming but I think some ranking officer communication to us peons could go a lot further in retaining recruits.

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This in my opinion is content. This is what keeps us coming back. It could be good conversations on Mumble, a great guide in the forums or feedback from guild leadership. The content feeds recruitment, retention and referrals. (Sorry I know I said that once already)


youre not missing much from officers meetings Klutch…we talk about recruitment and how to handle it…where we are in the raid attunement progress…setting up dungeon runs for the week…basic state of the guild affairs. we are planning a raid team but when we dont have the number of people required its kind of difficult. we are recruiting…we are running vet dungeons…we are trying to get people attuned. We are not a hardcore guild…we are semi-core and that is how we have always advertised it. this game has proved to be more difficult than originally anticipated…vet dungeons are hard as hell and with a timer it makes it that much harder. most of our team work during the day and are on at night so time is limited…Diacuss has been running vets when he can…you have also…with only 2 dedicated healers it makes it hard to organize. bottom line is we need more people to progress us faster and we are trying our best to get them.


Thank you for that information.

Also I will be tanking a vet dungeon tonight if anyone wants to go for their silver. Around 8-9pm eastern. Lemme know if you are interested.


weve gotten to where we are with the help of good folks like you Klutch…i for one appreciate your work and dedication to the guild. We have a great core group of people…we just need to work on growing that group!


I know you guys have done a great job with the Wildstar guild and you have a lot of challenges to overcome before it gets to the point we all would like to see it.

I think @Klutch makes a great point though about wanting updates. Having someone take notes and posting a meeting highlight would not only keep the members engaged, but it would also show potential members what the guild is doing and the direction it is going. This could only help recruiting, it would also encourage guild members to participate to their full potential.


i apologize for disappearing too. i had fun with the game while i was leveling. when i hit max level, i quickly realized that the end game was not for me. there was too much involved as far as dailies and grinding and there’s nothing in an MMO i hate more than dailies. there’s also too many built-in subscription lockdowns for me. for example, to construct a full set of tier 2 armor, you have to do all crafting dailies every day for like months upon months. there is no way i can dedicate that level of commitment to the game at this point in my life. the more i thought about these concepts, the more sour the taste got in my mouth and every day away from the game, the more overwhelming it would be to return and catch up. so i cancelled my sub the other day. i’ve just been way too busy in real life anyway. i haven’t done much gaming at all, save for a quick dota 2 game or a little bit of civ V before bed each night…which is also why i haven’t been streaming and/or appearing in mumble. i’m still here though, just waiting for the next big one to come along!


there isnt much catching up to do to be honest james, if we had people just show up at our planned raid times and do 2 or 3 groups running content we would be raiding in no time!


I personally don’t think there’s anything that overly needs to change with recruitment right now. After the last meeting, when we hashed out a few particulars there was some uncertainty about, we have picked up several people (6? last week IIRC). I’ve recognized that right now we’re fighting a battle of getting people together consistently to further run content, specifically dungeons. I’ve said numerous times that being able to claim 3/4 or 4/4 silver dungeons is going to generate in-game interest from people who want to raid that aren’t in a guild that’s cutting it for them.

I don’t know how we did over the weekend (progression- or recruitment-wise) as I was gone until early this morning, but I did notice that we’ve been getting progressively-fewer upboats on the r/WSGuilds post (10, 6, 4 points over the last three posts I’ve made, all above 70% approval, meaning most of the votes are pure profit. This week’s post, which only had 4 points, had the highest approval at 87%, meaning only 5 people went over to reddit this weekend). I attribute that partly to being out of town and not harassing people to go show it some love, but everyone who’s interested in growing the guild and community should be reminding the guild over the weekend to head over there and help increase our visibility. This is a weekly post I’m making every Friday afternoon, it should become habbit to assist in our recruitment efforts. I’m going to start posting that link in “general” henceforth because while it is a WildStar-specific post, we’re recruiting on behalf of the community, and everyone ought to take the time to show their support and help Strats get more visibility in things the community is involved in.

I’m also watching the official Stormtalon subforum for people or guilds interested in a new home. I’ve already, today, sent out some PM’s, posted on one topic, and will be logging into game shortly to try and directly contact a few others. The most recent potential guild merger I was working fell through because our raid times didn’t work for them. Even still, we generated enough interest that the GM hopped on our Mumble to chat with a bunch of folks in person.

Given all of this, I think we need to stay the course and observe for a week or two more before we start making (additional) changes to the way things are operating. It’s only been just over a week (and I was gone for several days) since we made some major recruitment adjustments in the WildStar branch; allow these changes an opportunity to work so we can observe how to tweak them please (for what it’s worth, 6 people in under a weeks time tells me we’re onto something).

As far as people logged in, I know we’ve got several out doing various things either work or family related as we near the end of summer and last week was the end of the Destiny Beta, so that was sure to be a distraction too. We’re going to have ups and downs in population, but it’s important to continue to communicate with people. Message folks on the forums if you haven’t seen them logged on in a while. Maybe they just forgot to post an AFK or perhaps they’re just taking a break to refresh themselves before hopping back into the fray. We, as a community, are all responsible for the retention aspect of this discussion.

Also, aside from @Diacuss, there’re no posts on the forums attempting to generate interest in completing content. Start posting when you’ll be available or leading a group. We need more than one person attempting to organize runs beforehand rather than logging in and hoping enough people are available at any given time. We’re all adults, we all know roughly what our schedules look like, so we can often make pretty decent judgements on our availability at any given time. Maybe folks will put off watching the latest MLP:FiM to help a group get through some content.

Everyone (officer, member, even non-WildStar Straters) can influence our in-game numbers. I only ever market us as

the WildStar branch of an adult (18+) gaming community focused on having fun with other people.

We need to be in game, in Mumble, and on the forums showing them we’re doing more than just talking a big game!


Great post overall @Auth.

This really stands out. Waiting for others to create content won’t work. We, Us, Those Reading This, are the elite early adopters here. I’m 100% open to any and all ideas for generating content. If you want to have a contest, if you want to give something away, if you want to broadcast the shit out of it, take out ads, make a huge event. I’m down.

It just needs those few bad ass people that make shit happen. Those people that create events and build an audience.


I know the topic’s been touched on briefly previously, but is there any interest in getting a calendar up for the website we can use to post/register for events? I know in the way back my previous guild used the enjin platform, which had one that worked well enough to visualize upcoming events and allowed for registration via your login. It wasn’t perfect by any stretch, but it made things a lot easier than digging through threads for the content folks were looking for. It also allowed for much easier advance notice of upcoming runs. We could schedule an event a month out and it wouldn’t get buried by other posts.


The easiest thing we could do is set up a public Google Calendar.

Google Cal + Discourse

I’ll mess about and try to get something functional up later tonight.


@Auth I think you set the example for others. You post enlightening and entertaining threads, you share pertinent information from various places on the internet and you are doing your part to bring in new blood to the community as a whole.

My thoughts and views towards what needs to be done,is not targeted at the Wildstar guild, but at the community at large. I need to find a way to get more users to contribute like you do.

I spend time looking at the trend data for this community. The more good content that gets put up has a direct correlation to not only new visits from off site but I also notice an increase in our members logging in.

Keep doing what your doing it is working, I challenge you to encourage transparency with the WS officers and the rest of the guild. I’m here to help in anyway I can.