Where do I pick up my emblems from all those c0dez?




Go to your Bungie account and make sure you applied them all. After typing them in you have to click a button for each one. Super annoying.

After that, it’ll show up in your mailbox in game :wink:


Thank you.


Followup question, do new characters I might create get them as well?


It should since it’s an account-wide reward. The same ought to apply to the Digital Guardian Collector Whatever Edition stuff as you get it from the same location.


Just a note, some of my emblems didn’t show up in the mail, but instead I found them at the “Special Orders Vendor” who is located in the same kiosk as the mail but on the other side.


I have an issue with all the emblems they are giving out. I think they are great, and look nice but holy hell I have 8 or 9 of them already WITHOUT buying any from the vendor. With a limited bank of 20 slots for Misc. stuff, they really should make another section to hold them.


so all of those emblems are available at the Special Orders Vendor, I believe you can get them whenever you want, so you can get rid of the ones in your inventory and if you want it later go back to the SOV and grab it.


I figured that’s why they were still at the Special Orders Vendor but I’ve been too afraid to drop them… This solves that problem


I haven’t confirmed that yet. Just FYI. I’m pretty sure that’s how it works though.


Oh no. You’ve said it now. You are going to be held accountable for any lost emblems :wink: