Where is the Playstation Neo announcement?



I find it odd that PS Neo which is rumored to release with PSVR hasn’t been announced yet. What are they doing? Why have they not said an official word about it? I feel like it is a mistake to be so hush hush about it. I get they didn’t want it at E3, it makes sense, don’t take away from the games coming out, but we are way past E3 so where the ef is Neo at?


Q3 product announcements are all about preparing for Q4. You will see a late Q3 announcement and marketing hype for a release in Q4 to hit holiday buying.



Here is another rumor


One more rumor for you:



looks like early Sept announcement confirmed


and then football starts the very next day. what a great week it will be. Anyone getting it? I know I will. That just how I am!


I’m going to get it as well. I’m interested in PSVR.


Looks like a PS4 slim was leaked; it’s expected to be announced alongside the Neo at the upcoming press event in September.


Looks very Apple TV.


Lol that thing looks so booty. Its looking like no new functionality so it wouldn’t be worth buying anyway vs the original. Also heard there is no optical out and that’s what I use. Like always the slim versions from Sony have features taken out. Unless neo blows me away I doubt I will upgrade, but this slim not only looks ugly it looks like a downgrade.


How so?

Typically the slim is meant to be a low cost entry for people who cannot afford the big bad flagship unit. There is a market for it, but i dont think it is for existing owners.

And if i may, why do you use optical vs hdmi? Headset?


Nailed it.

That or an older receiver unit, perhaps. HDMI is more convenient for a lot of folks, but it’s only ever-so-slightly better than optical in that it supports some newer formats like Dolby TrueHD and DTS HD Master Audio (which optical doesn’t), but outside of that, it’s essentially the same in terms of quality.