Where is Xbox OS?


Many of the top games of 2018 are console exclusives.

Why hasn’t Microsoft done more to bridge the gap between console and PC gaming? They have all the tools available. Xbox and Windows are both powerhouses.

My guess is that an Xbox OS for PC is where the gap is. Windows is too far removed. Most gaming PCs do little else. Instead of Windows Home, release something like Windows Xbox Edition.


I want to have the freedom to play titles like God of War and Spider-Man (I know this is a Sony exclusive but still) across the Microsoft ecosystem. If I were creating products there I would be thinking about what a Microsoft-powered home means.


I have an Xbox app on my Windows 10 PC. It is essentially the same as the XB1 dashboard and has all the same functionality.

I can play games such as ReCore, Sea of Thieves, Killer Instinct and State of Decay 2 (Microsoft exclusives, and there are a few other cross-platform games that I do not own) on both my Windows 10 PC and the XB1 and progress is shared across both platforms.

Other than expanding the list of shared games, how much more bridging can they do?


This is what poor cynical me thinks:

MS is already selling consoles at a loss. Pretty much every manufacturer does. They recoup money by licensing costs and game sales. They can’t afford to shoulder the costs of something that they won’t recoup from in a significant way (which is to say a more OS-y experience). So, it makes more sense to instead add xbox to windows than vice versa. Only that was what GFWL aimed to do and it faceplanted hard after a couple of cross-compatible titles released. So, instead, they scaled it back to simply the windows marketplace (And later the xb1 dash on PC which has seen releases so sporadic you could consider them market experiments).

IMO, it’s always a better idea to turn a computer into a console rather than turn a console into a computer, even if we set aside the controlled ecosystem reason that MS (and every other console manufacturer) is basically using to keep their consoles alive. Which is also the reason console exclusives are console exclusives: even though they would make so much more money if they opened their exclusives to the PC market, it would ultimately hurt the bottom line by not making people dependant on their consoles.


I thought “wow, I should install that!”

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