Which game should finish and continue streaming?



In the link above are a list of games that I’ve already began playing and want to play. I want to see some of your opinions as to which one I should finish first or begin playing. Mind you the winner will be played on my Ps1/Ps2 nights along with 1 other game. (So basically whichever top 2 get voted will be my main priority to finish on those nights).

Oh and feel free to let me know if you would also like any of these games to be published on youtube. I know some people don’t have time to catch a Twitch broadcast but if you’re interested in any of these games I’ll be more then happy to upload them for you to watch at anytime.


This seems like something better asked of your regular viewers.


Well it was late and i figured i could possibly gather some opinions from the Strat team as well. I did plan to ask my viewers through a highlight and put the link in a Panel.