Who brought you to Strats?


I just saw this post and let me tell you @java is the reason I stayed in Strats. He was the first person to help me out in ESO when I joined and showed me what was to be in Strats.

This got me thinking. Who got you into Strats and who makes you stay?


@Dynamible got me into Strats, and honestly all of you keep me here. The community is amazing and so helpful.


I was searching for a Destiny Clan on reddit and saw the post. Pretty pumped I came across the recruitment page


I was in the original pre-Strats ESO guild with @tommy2118, @Majordomo , @Ziq, @senNish, @Biff_Tannen, @Wheatums, @DracoIsmenium, and a lot of the other people here http://forum.strats.co/badges/119/founder


After getting my PS4 I started to look for possibly a gaming community or a clan I saw a post about strats on the PlayStation forums and decided to sign up. I stay for all of you guys c:


Thank you for the kind words! I wish there was more opportunities for us to quest; however, it was tough due to our rank gap.

I found Strats through the ESO reddit recruitment thread.


I also found Strats through the recruitment post. It was prior to Destiny’s release. Can’t recall who posted it though.


I remember the day everyone left the Reddithium mumble and joined the Strats Co channel. So I guess @Vocino brought me here :stuck_out_tongue:


I found Strats by accident while Googling around for a WildStar guild during the open beta in May. I actually joined the site towards the end of that event and was part of our brief foray into steam-punk sky warfare. Somewhere in there I got pegged for an officer position in that title and, after watching our team (comprised of @Majordomo, @Droul, @GuardianX, and @DracoIsmenium) handle the situation surrounding @<HeWhoShallNotBeNamed> and other strife, I felt compelled to hang around and start trying to make the community into what I and everyone in it wanted it to be. @Vocino and @tommy2118 pulled me up the ladder some time later and I’ve been happily assisting them in making the most awesome gaming community possible ever since; I’m here because this community is awesome and I’ve found the kind of friendships and mature(ish) players I love hanging around and playing games with :wink:


I joined for the cake. The cake was a lie but everything else was ok so I stayed.


i was in the reddit guild in ESO with a bunch of you. and i saw a post by vocino on reddit which had a link to strats.co in it. it wasn’t really a recruitment post, i think he was just referencing some information for someone. but i saw the forum and kind of picked up that it was forming kind of a spinoff of the reddit guild in ESO. i felt i fit more of the mentality of strats than reddit, so from that point forward i was full steam strats.

in fact, i went back and found his first reply to me:

from vocino sent 8 months ago
Hello there. Saw your post. I went ahead and approved your app since you’re from the reddit guilds and we’re like this. However, we play on AD so I’m not sure how useful it will be but maybe if you make an alt or something.

thanks for creating such an awesome place! and thanks to everyone else who helps out too!


muahahaha… diabolical!


I’m here because of @Vocino! He found me on twitter and I joined during Destiny beta time.


@JohnOnTheRocks got me here. I’m grateful to hAve a friend like John and to have interacted with all of you here and on PSN.


I found strats through a search of ESO guilds. Was in the ESO guild for a while then started playing other titles and wound up being GM of the Wildstar branch. Then @auth and @vocino talked me into getting a PS4 and the rest is history :blush: played destiny then GTA V and am still hanging around.


I was in the original Reddit Guild for ESO. I fell in with a small group that was active on the mumble server @Vocino, @Majordomo , @Ziq, @senNish, @Biff_Tannen, @Wheatums, @DracoIsmenium. When we started to see the guild come apart at the seams @Vocino said we could do something better. That will have been a year ago this April. I would say @Vocino made good on his promise.




I came across strats by looking for a Twitch team/community that I could be apart of – I joined one in the past but it was horrible and was just WAY too big. I came across strats signed up and didn’t really come back to the forums for a while until I started to get all of the follows and hosts from @Vocino and a few others I then realized it was a great community and that I needed to be more active in the forums and give strats a try… And here I am!


I was wandering Grimvault, lost, nowhere to go. Then @Auth shouted his recruitment post across the realm. I answered. He put his arms around me and told me everything would be alright.

Then everyone stopped playing Wildstar.


So what you are saying is …you broke Wildstar?