Who can craft what items? List your crafting skills



I have almost everything but Nirnhorned for light, medium, heavy armors and for all staves and shields. Still working on other weapons though. Dropped sets are nice but tough to find just the right pieces for just the right level. At least with crafted you can pick exactly what you want. The only hard thing is getting enough of the tempers to improve the items to the highest level of quality. I might finally get around to making an all Legendary set for my main once we get PvP going.
I have alchemy maxed, and food maxed for levels I can do, but don’t have all recipes. Finally got enchanting to 50 thanks to crafting writs.


Oops, I just read through the whole ESO thread and saw how redundant this is since there is a spreadsheet in Vocino’s topic that lets us list what we can do with armors, woodworking and crafted sets. Oh well, at least I can offer any alchemy potions that you have the mats for and I can craft any food that I have the recipe for. I need to print off the full list of recipes from a wiki and check off the ones that I know.


Do you have all of these crafts maxed on one character? If so, have you taken all the traits for each craft?

If so, that’s a decent amount of skill points. Curious how many points you’ve spent and if you had to sacrifice on any combat skills.


It’s all on one character, with 8 traits for light, heavy, staff, shield. Working on last few medium, have about 2/3 of all blacksmith weapons. I am VR14 and did every non-Craglorn quest in the game, found every non-Craglorn skyshard. Didn’t really sacrifice any combat skills that I would use (it’s a sorc, so not using Stamina based weapons) and still have 20 unused skill points. I think that I have 280+ skill points overall if I remember right.


Hey guys, I’m not in the guild roster at this time but if you need nirnhoned items and can supply the stone I can craft all medium, heavy, and half the light armors. I know all woodworking and and several of the heavy weapons. Feel free to send me mail or whisper me in game @Grunim