Who has played Horizon Zero Dawn?


I’m considering picking it up as an RPG to play in these late baby mode nights. Thoughts?


It’s excellent. Highly recommend.


I’m playing it now! I’m on the last few main missions before I finish it. It doesn’t have a landslide of quests like The Witcher 3.

If I had to compare the HZD missions to a recent title I’d say that it’s similar to Andromeda. Open world enough (but not to the point where it seems overwhelmingly vast) and just the right amount of linear storytelling to gently guide game play.

There are enough side quests to keep you occupied and some of them tie into main plot lines/supporting characters.

The machine battles & skill tree are varied enough to where you’ll feel actually accomplished at unlocking something new and there is a feeing of satisfaction whenever I kill a creature. I never feel over leveled or overpowered in battle like in some games. It’s boring if you can go in and kill a bunch of things easily. If anything, it’s a challenge tackling each beast and learning what armor/ammo works best.

It’s a GREAT game with a very diverse cast. HZD is well deserving of all the positive reviews it’s been getting!


Thanks for the excellent write up @simplyundrea! That is very helpful.


I plan to play this once my thumb finishes healing and my AV Receiver gets repaired (Projector is down atm :frowning: )

Beyond that I’ve heard nothing but good things.